Is it okay to wear a color different from your personal color?

Is it okay to wear a color different from your personal color?



This code

At first glance, which one is better?




② Brevet

Is it okay to wear a color different from your personal color?

Answer: Yebe

According to the text, the answer according to the theory

You can say Yebe,

"No matter what, a brevet must not wear a yebe"

"Because it's a brevet, it might be a bad idea to wear a yeti...because it's different from the diagnosis result..."

If you stay stuck in the frame of diagnosis such as

Isn't it going to be very painful?




All in theory, to text answers

Not all must match



First of all, it is important

"Having an axis" (= deciding the direction)


What is an axis?



It may be a little more abstract.



The answer to the axis varies from person to person,

Just applying the "diagnostic answer"

be careful



In my case, (This is the case. The details may change depending on the situation each time.)



・ Face type ® is fresh (→ This uses the diagnosis “result”)

・This is the main outfit centered around the house, but the color is used away from the face, so this is OK.

・It's a denim shirt, so it's fresh ◎.

・It was a rather hot day, so I wanted to wear mesh pumps.

・The toenails are red, so it might be an accent to your outfit.

・On days when there are various things to do at home,

I decided to go out shopping nearby and have lunch alone, so I want to spend a rough and casual time.



I made a decision in my head and decided to wear it.

(Counseling with customers, coordination creation, shopping accompaniment, etc.

In this way, we offer proposals and consulting from various angles.)



bought in france

Put only the card and key in the Elbe mini bag.

bright pink

It can also be used for brevet (winter), which is an accent.



Not every time, but

“Come to think of it, I went to France privately before Corona.”

And sometimes I remember.



When I saw this bag at Elbe, a street store in France,

(Honestly, there were so many colors that it was so fulfilling that I got lost)

"Let's go home and buy a shopping bag that makes shopping around the neighborhood fun."

I remember thinking that I bought it.

(I think that I want to cherish my own story that I experienced with much effort.)



This time, I talked about the axis and direction that goes beyond the diagnosis results.

It is important to utilize the diagnostic results,




・How do you want to wear it? how you want to feel

・What do you want to show? (Interview? Date? Presentation? Friendly atmosphere? Reliable image?)




These are just a few examples

Coordination and color matching based on diagnosis results and total,

We will decide on the design and materials.



How do you want to create your final impression?

Having that is image consulting,

Each diagnosis result, not only classified by type,

What do you want yourself to be? what do you want to look like? how do you want to look

I think it will lead to



  • I want to be more beautiful while being comfortable and valuing my personality without overdoing it.
  • Those who want to create an opportunity to change
  • Those who want to step up to the next stage