When apologizing, What to say instead of "I'm sorry"

This time is when you have to apologize or feel guilty

About the point of wording




✗ "Sorry"

✗Excuse me

in the business scene

with a casual look





"very sorry"

"I feel bad for ----"

Let's apologize.



when you want to apologize

Apologize with "I'm sorry."



In case you want to apologize

"I am truly sorry"


"very sorry"

From "I'm Sorry"

Used in serious situations.



Other than face-to-face apologizing

Even when I apologize by email

can use

  1. very sorry 
  1. I'm sorry
  1. Excuse me
  1. I am Admitting mistakes
  1. I’m (so/very/terribly) sorry

    Please don’t be mad at me

    Whoops! Sorry!

    I beg your pardon

    Forgiveness appeals

    I had that wrong.

    I hope you can forgive me.

          Oh, my bad/My mistake/My fault

  1. My apologies

  2. I am truly sorry


in this case,


It will be a big apology in the order of.


with just a little difference

transmitted to the other party

word of apology

March is nearing its end,

For those who welcome the new year from April

Isn't there a lot?

Please use the language

Brush up on manners

will do