[Tea ceremony etiquette] Dress and grooming 

Interested in table tea ceremony,

I participated in the workshop



It is considered good manners to remove watches and rings during the tea ceremony.

This is to avoid damaging the bowl.


Also, avoid wearing perfume



It looks like this before making tea



After having it in a bowl

I had cold matcha


Here, put matcha in the shaker

Add cold water, shake,

poured over ice


Taneya's yokan was delicious



in summer hospitality

Serving matcha

i thought it was very nice




Because you can easily enjoy matcha with a shaker

Inspired by this lesson

I started drinking cold matcha when I was at home


I tried making it for my husband who is working from home

It's been a long time since I drank matcha

seems to be refreshed



As the hot summer continues

While trying to make it fun and cool at home

I want to make it through