The big moment has arrived, you have decided to crown your dream of love with marriage! Start organizing your agenda by selecting everything you need for the wedding, starting with the fundamental and essential elements such as the wedding dress, the style of the wedding and the location that will host it.


The place where to hold the wedding reception is one of the most important aspects to consider in organizing the wedding, because its choice can determine the selection of the day of the celebration and influence many details such as decorations, menu and general atmosphere . We need to pay close attention to it and take into consideration some elements that will turn out to be therekey to determining the best site for you.
There are so many locations to choose from! Not sure where to start with your search? Are you looking for tips to avoid mistakes? Follow our 4 practical tips step by step and find out how easy it is to find the perfect place to organize the wedding reception you've always dreamed of !
1. Wedding style and personality The starting point in finding the most suitable wedding location is you ! Together with your future husband, prepare a list of places that you like and where you imagine your wedding, taking into account the style, the type of reception, any theme chosen

(which will be the common thread from celebration to celebration) and your personal taste . Leave room for your imagination and take a cue from some online searches to get more ideas and choose the ones that best enhance your personality as a couple.
For example, if you both love nature and country or shabby chic style, it is not necessary to inquire about locations such as period villas or castles. If, on the other hand, you have always wanted a sumptuous and elegant wedding, those are exactly the places to prefer!
Remember to start your search at least a year and a half before the wedding day and to select and book the location you have chosen 12-10 months in advance: these timings allow you to have a better chance of finding availability for the desired day but always remember that haste is a bad advisor, don't let yourself go to sudden strokes of lightning and choose rationally.
2. The budget Having found the type of location in which to celebrate the wedding, the time has come to do some calculations. Define the budget available for the wedding and the percentage to be dedicated to the venue for the reception , always bearing in mind that it is one of the major expenses to be incurred

In this way you can filter the research you have done and select only the locations that meet your tastes but are also within your reach in economic terms.
To know exactly the cost of each location , however, it is necessary to contact the individual managers directly and organize a preliminary visit . You will be able to see the location live and understand if it really suits your style and type of wedding. Prepare a list of questions to ask and a list as complete as possible of the elements that cannot be missing from the reception: in this way they will be able to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible and give you another element on which to base the final choice.
3. The location and size

The location of the wedding venue is important because it can involve movements that must be organized and precisely defined . Our advice is to choose a place that is less than an hour away from the one where you have chosen to celebrate the ceremony, and to opt for a well-indicated structure accessible to all guests (children, the elderly, the disabled, etc. ). Accessibility is also very important if you choose to integrate additional material to that already present in the location, which therefore requires transport and easy access to suppliers ; as well as in case you want to entertain guests with artists who need a certain ease of transport, like musicians for example.
Two other determining factors in choosing the location for the ideal wedding are the size and capacity . The place chosen to celebrate your union must be suitable for the number of guests you have foreseen and it is therefore essential to have at least an estimate of the number of wedding participants available. We advise you to choose a structure that has all the spaces necessary for carrying out the wedding, such as the area for the aperitif, the one for the banquet, the one for cutting the cake and the one dedicated to after-meal entertainment. Finally, don't forget to always include the famous " Plan B” if you have decided to celebrate your wedding outdoors… an indoor place to celebrate in complete safety in case of sudden rain!
4. Services Here we are at the end. The last (but not least) elements to take into consideration are the services offered by the individual wedding venues . What are the fundamental ones to ask and evaluate? - The exclusive or the rental for several events at the same time - The menu (also for cases of allergies, intolerances and special requests) - The possibility of having a catering instead of the internal kitchen - Spaces dedicated to children


, for playing and resting
- The support rooms for dressing the bride and groom and any changes of clothes
- The possibility of sleeping on site (for you, the bride and groom and for your guests)
- The availability and capacity of the car park
- All additional services made available by the structure (decorations, fireworks, swimming in the pool, etc.).
By following these practical tips, we are sure that you will have clearer ideas and will be able to easily identify the right location for your wedding. Now all that remains is to start organizing everything, with enthusiasm and emotion!