Renewing marriage vows: a second chance to say yes, I do!

The choice to renew marriage vows can derive from many reasons but it is always an exciting and special opportunity to experience the crowning of your love a second time and celebrate the couple's union with closest friends and family.


Very trendy all over the world, it represents not only the most romantic and engaging choice to show the world the love that still unites you but also a unique opportunity to realize everything that could not be done during the wedding.: celebrate the ritual in the place you are most fond of that was not available at the time, wear the wedding dress of your dreams that you were unable to buy, have friends and relatives next to you who were unable to attend that day ... it's a real and your second chance to celebrate the wedding you've always wanted!


Are you looking forward to organizing the renewal of your promises? Follow our advice and you will find out everything you need to know to renew your marriage vows in a truly unique and special celebration.



The right occasion


The renewal of marriage vows is a unique opportunity, do not leave the choice of the date to celebrate the event to chance! The best moment is certainly that of the wedding anniversary but not just any one: you can choose to renew the marriage vows on the day of your 10 years of marriage (tin wedding) or for your 20 years (crystal wedding).


Surely the most popular recurrences are those that traditionally dictate the most coveted goals:

  • 25 years of marriage (silver wedding)

  • 30 years of marriage (pearl wedding)

  • 40 years of marriage (ruby wedding)

  • 50 years of marriage (golden wedding)

If, on the other hand, there is a particularly special date for you that does not coincide with your wedding day ...

Choose to celebrate the event on that day. 

There are no rules, you can choose the day that is most special and heartfelt for you as a couple . Religious or Civil Celebration If you are a believer and wish to renew your marriage vows with a religious celebration, you have two choices. 

You can contact the priest who had celebrated your wedding and organize the event in the same parish where you joined in marriage, for a very exciting event full of memories; or, if you prefer to celebrate the renewal of vows in another location, make an appointment with the parish priest of the chosen church and organize with him the mass in your honor.


The event includes a classic wedding liturgy, with readings, blessings and the exchange of rings for the renewal of a mutual and lasting commitment but having no legal value, it does not require witnesses and signatures on the register.


If, on the other hand, your wedding was of a civil nature or you prefer to celebrate the renewal of your vows outside the church, you can opt for a secular celebration where you can create a completely personalized the place you love most. In fact, there is no official ceremony in common for the renewal of vows, nor does it need to re-apply for banns.


Go ahead, then, to a ceremony tailor-made for you, with the symbolic ritual that most belongs to you and in the location you have always wanted : a beach, a forest, the open countryside, a period villa ... the possibilities are truly endless . Who is celebrating the event? Even the master of ceremonies can be freely chosen by you , since the renewal of vows has no legal value. It can be a close friend or relative, or anyone you wish to involve with a place of honor at your second wedding.


And the wedding rings? 

Tradition has it that during the renewal of vows the spouses exchange the same faiths that they exchanged on the wedding day but if you want to stand out and choose a more original solution you can think of engraving the date of the wedding renewal next to the one already present or match with the wedding rings you already have two new rings chosen just for the occasion.


The wedding dress The renewal of marriage vows is a purely symbolic ritual and therefore requires a minimal and linear look . 

Choose to wear a simple and chic wedding dress, preferably in a different shade from classic white but equally a symbol of the wedding such as powder, pearl or nude. If, on the other hand, you really don't want to give up white, choose it in shades of cream, ivory or champagne for an elegant and highly effective bridal look.


The length of the skirt is ideal below the knee , while if you want to wear a long dress make sure it has essential lines to be enriched only with some accessories or light points. Take a look at our online selection , to get an idea and who knows, maybe you already find the perfect dress for the renewal of promises!