Industrial chic, modern and original wedding

Are you looking for new and trendy ideas to create an original wedding? The latest fashion in the sector focuses on a modern and innovative style which, if well done, leaves everyone speechless, creating simple and romantic atmospheres with a few elements selected and perfectly matched to each other.

We are talking about the industrial chic wedding , a reception in full contemporary style that in recent years has attracted more and more young married couples who want to give a touch of originality to the day of their union as husband and wife. Would you like to know more? Keep reading the article, to find out what its characteristics are and how to make your wedding in this style!

Industrial chic: what is it?

The industrial chic style is obtained by mixing the rustic and raw soul typical of the industrial style with the elegance of sophisticated decorations that have always been a distinctive feature of the most chic environments. In detail, the industrial style takes its cue from the great American factories and their melancholy atmospheres present in large and spacious places once dedicated to mass production. The adjective “chic”, on the other hand, recalls refined and elegant settings with light and welcoming colors: they can derive from a vintage 20s or 50s taste, or take inspiration from more modern and essential solutions but always with a bon ton imprint.

The perfect combination of these two very different aspects creates a romantic, essential and rustic atmosphere at the same time , ideal for a young and contemporary wedding!

All the characteristics of the industrial chic style

The color palette of this style is clear and bright , in shades of dove gray, ivory and white; if you are a lover of glitter you can also integrate some shiny elements in shades of gold, bronze or silver. It combines with material and rough elements typical of industrial environments such as concrete walls, red bricks, iron pipes and metal accessories in dark colors such as anthracite, black or brown.

To tie everything together with style and elegance, we think the wood , in the structures and decorations, left in its natural shades and in its most basic forms to obtain the touch of rusticity indispensable in an industrial chic wedding. How to show your feminine touch instead? Choosing to decorate the room that will host the reception with elegant and refined flowers , choosing simple and fragrant compositions made for example with bridal veil (or gypsophila paniculata), buttercups, orchids, gerberas, tulips or sunflowers.

Location and lighting

The location is certainly the main element of an industrial chic wedding. Don't be afraid to dare, exploring places that at first glance may not be suitable for wedding ceremonies but which with the right organization and the most suitable decorations can prove to be the ideal locations for obtaining a modern, innovative and original reception . The perfect building is made up of large spaces with exposed brick or rough concrete walls, with wooden beams and exposed metal pipes, suitably restored and secured. Search among closed and abandoned factories, industrial warehouses, large modern lofts and uninhabited warehouses: even better if with large outdoor spaces that can be used for a symbolic celebration, the cutting of the cake and other moments of the day.

Also, study the lighting of the chosen location well. Numerous light points must be provided in the different areas of attention (relaxation area, buffet, photobooth, etc.) located within the large industrial environment and a warm light must always be preferred to obtain romantic and welcoming atmospheres . Yes to light bulbs hung with exposed threads, garlands of lights and micro-lights, candles and lanterns.

The details that cannot be missing

Once you have chosen the ideal location and lighting for your industrial chic wedding, you are already half done. Now you have to devote yourself to all the small details that make your wedding unique and personal , with decorations perfectly matched to the style and that talk about you spouses, always favoring minimalism and modernity. Among these, what are the indispensable elements?

- A large imperial table in raw wood and wrought iron, with floral arrangements and candles

- Relaxation areas with old armchairs, poufs and sofas with a vintage flavor

- Foliage and green elements to revive the color palette and soften the concrete spaces

- Decorations in metal, wood and eco leather such as diy lamps, illuminated letters, suitcases and trunks


Are you looking forward to making your wedding in full industrial chic style? Remember to match your look too, with an elegant and refined but also original and modern wedding dress