How to choose the ceremony dress for pregnant guests

A lot can happen during nine months of pregnancy, including being invited to a wedding! How to choose the right dress for the occasion? Undoubtedly you have to take into account the size of the belly according to the month in which you will be and choose a comfortable but at the same time elegant garment , which leaves you free to move and makes you feel completely at ease throughout the day.


The worries are many and the thoughts in the head accumulate. "What if the shape of the dress doesn't value me?" or "What if the dress I have chosen no longer fits me or becomes too short?".


Don't panic and don't choose to neglect yourself. Remember that natural beauty becomes even more radiant during pregnancy and it mustenhance it by paying attention to the continuous changes of the body and making the necessary compromises. Find out how easy it is to achieve the right balance between style and practicality , following our advice! The stage of pregnancy All pregnant guests must take into account the stage of pregnancy scheduled for the day of the event, when choosing the perfect dress to attend the wedding. 

If you are in the first months , in fact, the physical changes are not very evident and can be easily camouflaged by preferring clothes that do not charm or tighten the waist but that enhance other parts of the body like the arms, legs or décolleté. 

In this case, choose dresses with a classic empire or A cut , which remain soft at the waist and fall lightly on the legs: yes to thin straps and medium - length skirts , for a young and cheeky look.


If, on the other hand, the ceremony will be held in late pregnancy , you need to pay more attention and tastefully highlight the beauty of the new roundness and shapes to which you were not used to. The maternity formal dresses towards which you have to orient the choice, in this case, are the long ones in soft and elasticized fabrics , with comfortable and elegant V-necks and flowing linesfor maximum comfort. The shape of the dress The silhouette of the pregnant guests is soft and delicate, it must be treated with care and enhanced with the best cut of the dress. 

What are the most suitable models? 

The A-cut : with soft and wide lines, it emphasizes the neckline, camouflaging the roundness of the pelvis. We recommend choosing a model with a length below the knee , to be worn with a medium height heel.

The empire style : 

always the maternity ceremony dress preferred by pregnant wedding guests, with a focal point under the breast highlighted by curls, weaves or luminous applications that divides the bodice from the wide long and slipped skirt, leaving the belly free .

The flared dress : 

also called a trapezoid, has a narrower upper part, which widens towards the bottom with elegance. This model can also be worn short , for an urban-chic effect that has become very fashionable in recent years.

The two overlapping pieces : 

that is an outfit composed of layers of fabric belonging to different garments juxtaposed together in a refined way, such as a bon-ton sheath dress with a waist-length lace top or a pair of palazzo pants or a jumpsuit with a blouse in semi-transparent and glitter fabric.


Colors In addition to the shape of the dress, it is also important to choose the color that best suits your complexion, which during pregnancy appears more relaxed, smooth and luminous . We advise you to opt for feminine and delicate colors in pastel shades , which are very in vogue and declined in numerous models in the latest ceremony collections. Even the fresh and floral patterns are suitable for the soft and delicate shapes of pregnant women, as well as the abstract fabrics with curved lines and references to nature .


Do you love strong and bold colors or dark and discreet shades?

If you choose these shades of color, remember to opt for a linear and simple dress, with a sober cut that wraps you delicately. On the other hand, lines and geometric motifs should be avoided.



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