Handbook for the perfect wedding guest

Also this year the season of wedding ceremonies has arrived! Have you been invited to one or more weddings and want to get an impeccable look to show off for the occasion? With the right advice you will find the most suitable clothes for each ceremony and you will be able to combine them with taste and elegance to obtain complete outfits designed specifically for individual events, based on the style of the ceremonies and the wishes of the spouses.


Where to start? Keep reading the article, in a few simple steps you will have all the advice you are looking for!


 Every wedding is different 

When you receive a wedding card, the first thing to do is to study the invitation carefully . If a dress code , in fact, this is reported on the participations but not only: inside them you will find all the information concerning the type of ceremony (religious or civil), if the event is held during the day or evening, if the place of the reception it is located in the city, in the countryside or on the beach.


Based on these guidelines you can start building your look! If a dress code has not been defined by the spouses (in that case it is mandatory to follow it to the letter), try not to fix your attention on a particular type of dress and choose instead based on the context and the single occasion, to find the most suitable outfit by choosing from the many alternatives available to you.


For example, if the wedding will be held in the evening in an urban-chic style , it is better to opt for a long dress in dark shades combined with an elegant shoulder wrap and bright accessories; if, on the other hand, the ceremony is carried out during the day in a bucolic setting then the best choice is to wear a light, comfortable and romantic dress in pastel colors.

 Less is more This "rule" is valid for any type of outfit, not just for ceremonial ones. Once the dress to wear has been chosen, it must be completed with the right accessories but without overloading it or making it excessive in order not to risk making unpleasant style drops. For this reason it is very important to choose accessories and accessories carefully

Knowing how to dose all the elements creating an elegant and modern visual balance .


Have you chosen a dress with colorful prints ? We recommend combining it with monochromatic and inconspicuous accessories, which fit into the total look as a natural completion of the dress.

Is your dress simple and in pastel shades ? In this case you can feel free to play with accessories, choosing original elements that can become the protagonists of your look.


Remember that soft colors require metallic, black or nude accessories that break the monochromatism by bringing a touch of light or color to the wholeuntil it becomes the element that characterizes the entire outfit. The bright colors, on the other hand, need to coordinate with simpler and more neutral accessories , which are only an outline with respect to the great protagonist: the dress.


Hairstyle and make-up 

Even the hairstyle and make-up must be chosen according to the ceremony but they must also be perfectly matched to the chosen dress . In general, weddings require natural make-up in nude shades , with a touch of color on the eyes or lips dictated by the time of day when the wedding is held: if they take place during the day you can color your eyes with a light eyeshadow matched to the color of the dress, on the other hand, if they are celebrated in the evening hours, you can define the lips with a more decisive shade of lipstick .


The hairstyle must be natural but neat , you can focus on an elegant styling to wear with your hair down but if you love to collect your hair there are many simple and refined solutions to choose from: a romantic side braid, a modern ponytail or a classic chignon are just some of the alternatives available to you but always remember not to overdo it with accessories and originality because the bride must always be the center of attention!



Essential Tips 

A manual is not complete without a short list of targeted advice to consult quickly whenever you need it. Here are the universal rules to follow, to be the perfect wedding guest:

  • If the wedding is held during the day the dress must be below the knee or midi while if the wedding is held in the evening the long ceremony dress is the best solution, as well as a suit or a jumpsuit.

  • If the wedding takes place with a religious celebration, choose a sober neckline and cover the shoulders , if instead it has a civil ceremony you can have greater freedom of choice but always within the limits imposed by the bon ton

  • If the wedding is celebrated during the day, the heel can be of limited height but if the ceremony and reception are in the evening, the heel 12 is a must.

  • Absolutely forbidden the white color and traditionally not recommended black, purple and red but the latest trends leave a lot of freedom of choice (always with the exception of white!)


Now that you have received all the tips to get the perfect wedding guest look, take a look at the formal dresses  you find in the Atelier and choose your favorites: we are waiting for you, to create together the best outfit for your style and the wedding you will attend!