Bridesmaids and wedding pageboys, how to dress them on the wedding day?

When your children are chosen as bridesmaids and wedding pageboys , one of the first questions that arises is: how to dress them? Marriage is a special occasion that requires a certain formality but, you know, children need special attention and the necessary comfort that allows them to move and have fun even in an event of this type. That's why the right mix of comfort and elegance is the best solution!


We have collected some tips and ideas to give an extra touch of tenderness and cheerfulness to your children's clothing , who will lead the wedding procession as small protagonists to the altar. Let's see them together! Daytime wedding

If the wedding will be held during the day, especially in outdoor locations during the most popular season for weddings, for your children you can choose informal looks but with the right amount of elegance . Starting from a casual but refined outfit , you can combine original, nice and graceful details that lighten the look but at the same time give a touch of formality essential to participate in the event.


For example, the little bridesmaids can wear short and light dresses , with a soft and wide skirt that does not prevent movement and that they can have fun “rotating” by playing with volumes . Go for soft colorslike the pastel ones and match a pair of ballet flats or comfortable sandals to wear all day long. A cute headband, a colorful hair clip or a romantic floral crown can be the extra detail.


For the pageboys , on the other hand, you can think of a pair of Bermuda shorts or light trousers coordinated with a shirt . Depending on the color of the trousers, the shirt can be white, colored or with small delicate patterns. The details you shouldn't give up? A pair of very elegant suspenders and an ironic bow tie to wear like real little gentlemen! Evening wedding


If, on the other hand, the wedding will take place in the late afternoon and evening hours, even the children's looks will have to adapt to the mood of the event with greater pomp and sumptuousness . In fact, in the evening, it inevitably brings with it bright and chic outfits that can be adapted even to the little ones without forcing them into uncomfortable or too stiff clothes.


Girls can wear long or short dresses , in glittery fabrics or with small bright inserts (such as stones or beads) combined with a pair of tights or embroidered tights. Bows and ribbonsthey are perfect to complete the look, choosing the sobriety of the accessories that must instead be discreet and well coordinated with the dress. Three-piece suits


are reserved for boys : a jacket to be worn only during the ceremony, a pair of long trousers of the same color and a white or colored shirt. You can combine the outfit with a pair of sneakers to play down the look and to make them comfortable throughout the evening. Yes to a colorful bow tie, to show off with a beautiful smile. Coordinated with the newlyweds Another very nice and popular idea is to dress bridesmaids and pageboys like the newlyweds


, in a white dress for her and a dark suit for him to achieve a perfect coordinated look. We recommend this option if the page boys and bridesmaids are the children of the couple , because they would give an extra touch of friendliness and liveliness to the general atmosphere of the wedding and family photographs.


If this is your case, you can choose a white lace or tulle dress for your little girl that coordinates perfectly with what you will wear for your wedding. The choice of taking up even just small style details such as a particular floral embroidery or a colored belt can turn out to be a winning idea that will make your look even more exclusive.


For your baby, on the other hand, you can opt for athree-piece suit in the same color as that of the groom but played down by details and comforts reserved only for the little page boy. Also in this case it is good to coordinate prominent elements of the groom's look with that of the child, for example by choosing a colored bow tie, a pair of suspenders, a boutonnière or a hat for a vintage and refined style.



Have we inspired you and you can't wait to choose the perfect dress for your children? Keep following us , to receive many more tips and suggestions that will make your wedding day and participation in other wedding ceremonies even more exciting and special!