Why choose the wedding dress rental when you can always have it yours?

Is it finally time to search for the wedding dress of your dreams? 

The choice of the wedding dress is as special and emotionally engaging as it is demanding. Yes, because finding the dress that fits perfectly on your body and that makes you fall in love a second time is not easy, especially if you have planned not to overspend and if you think that the white dress will take away a significant part of it. of the budget you have decided to allocate for the wedding.

We have wonderful news for you! Do you know that it is possible to save money , without necessarily giving up being a wonderful and well-kept bride on one of the most important days of your life?

 Find out now how to do it, here are all the details.

The first essential thing to do, when the time comes to choose the wedding dress, is to consider the alternatives that the market offers, evaluating the pros and cons that will make your preparations as less stressful as possible . Some brides decide to opt for the rental of wedding dresses because they are convinced that in this way they will be able to wear a beautiful dress without falling into excessive amounts, but are you sure that this is the choice that will make you truly happy? 

The perfect compromise is around the corner!

The white dress represents for every woman such a powerful symbolic value that few other objects have. You have dreamed of it, desired and caressed it in your fantasies ever since you were a little girl and, on your wedding day, you and your wonderful dress will be the center of attention, it will be your accomplice in spreading joy and cheerfulness, it will be the accent of liveliness and romantic spirit of your wonderful day . 

And it will continue to be a treasured memory for your entire life. 

Every time you browse your wedding album, every special moment of your big day will come to mind and it will also happen when you feel the desire to pull out your wedding dress to admire it. Every single emotion that brought you to wear it will resurface and you will remember exactly the precise moment when you saw and tried it for the first time with great emotion.

Despite the splendor of your dress it will last only one day, the emotional charge it carries with it lasts for a lifetime and depriving you of that precious indefinite and enveloping sensation is not worth it. For this reason, our advice is not to be frightened by the price and to consider the wedding dress rental as the last resort, because the truth is that the best ateliers for brides offer very valid alternatives to renting the dress .

Clara Couture has always wanted to satisfy the needs of every future bride , offering a wide range of refined wedding dresses at low prices in her Outlet section . 

All the models present perfectly combine quality and convenience , to make every bride feel even more beautiful on the Big Day of her life. 

We strongly want every bride to feel pampered and wonderful regardless of the budget she can afford to dedicate to her dream dress, because these emotions are experienced only once and begin right inside the atelier. In our wedding dresses outlet department you can in fact find the best brands of Italian and international fashion for brides starting from only 190 euros: it is a wide range of end of collection models, low cost wedding dresses from past collections, samples and wedding dresses from our fashion shows. 

From the bright and shiny ones for a minimal and refined style, to the voluminous and romantic ones in a fairytale style to feel like a real princess, but also suits for the elegant and refined bride looking for a chic and modern alternative to the white dress.

Finding the one that's right for you will be simple, convenient and eco-friendly as you are choosing a wonderful dress that would otherwise go unused. Yes, even the wedding dress rental is certainly a responsible choice, but not having to live your wedding day with the worry of damaging it is certainly less stressful and will allow you to fully enjoy your happy event.  

Have you seen that it is possible to renounce the rental of wedding dresses, choosing a valid alternative?

 If you want nothing more than to have the dress of your dreams with you forever, with its details, its sweetness and all the tranquility of a perfect day, come and visit us. We are waiting for you!