What season are you? All the secrets of armocromia bridal make-up

Do you love fashion and follow the latest trends? 

Then you will surely have already heard about armocromia : 

a real aesthetic discipline which, through the analysis of skin, eyes and hair, allows you to identify the palette of shades that best enhances the face of every woman , enhancing its natural colors and making look more beautiful, younger and in shape.

Stylists and fashion consultants all over the world use this studio to create dream make-up perfectly coordinated with the icons of femininity they want to enhance and for a few months it has been available to all women!

A revolutionary application of color in women's everyday life that has also successfully established itself in make-up for brides , placing natural beauty in the foreground thanks to a correct juxtaposition of shades in line with the chromium-type that emerged from the analysis according to armocromia. 

The chromatic typologies, in fact, are divided into 4 categories that correspond to the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season is characterized by certain shades, which are more suited to a certain type of woman rather than another.

How to understand which colors are most suitable for you?

If you want a bridal make-up in armocromia , we recommend that you ask for an accurate analysis by expert make-up artists or image consultants . It is important to define the total bridal look with elegance and attention, so it is better to leave the do-it-yourself aside on these occasions.

We know, however, that there is a lot of curiosity, so here are a couple of "tricks" to carry out a brief self -analysis, evaluating the undertone of the skin from make -up and with the natural light of the day, or the tonal temperature of the complexion, which determines the association of different colors.

To understand if your skin undertone is warm or cold, you can:

- Do the metal test , wearing metal jewelry in warm shades (such as yellow gold, rose gold and copper) and cold shades (like silver and steel) and evaluating which one suits you best

- Make a direct comparison with the different colors , combining everyday objects with the face and comparing the various shades until you find the most suitable ones for you

After carrying out these tests you will certainly have a clearer complexion and you will be able to evaluate together with the color of your eyes and hair which season belongs to you .


The spring armocromia bridal make-up is distinguished by a warm undertone of high intensity , with marked contrasts thanks to the light eyes and the hair usually blonde, light brown or hazelnut brown. The natural beauty of spring women is enhanced by warm and bright colors that recall nature , which always contain a hint of yellow such as coral, peach or geranium red.

For your bridal makeup choose a foundation and a blush with warm and luminous shades ( apricot, pink or coral ) and enhance the eyes with an old pink, terracotta or rust eyeshadow. The lips must also be in shades of pink / orange, for a nude look that makes you shine and bloom.


Although this season makes you think of the sun and heat, in the armocromia it is characterized by a cold and pink undertone of the skin with few cormatic contrasts , therefore combined with light blond or ash brown hair and eyes usually blue or light green and more rarely brown. The colors that bestow on this chromotype are the pink and cold ones, such as candy color, ivory or silk pink.

If you are a summer bride, the perfect make-up for you is the natural one characterized by nude, pink and delicate colors . Yes to a light foundation and a candy pink blush, combined with a pearl gray, taupe or pink eyeshadow . You can leave your lips natural with just a light pink lipstick, or play with contrasts by choosing a glossy or sparkling cherry red lipstick to illuminate your face.


Autumn has always recalled the warm, enveloping and golden shades of the leaves, and of the setting sun. Women belonging to this season are just like that: with a warm, amber or golden undertone , and few color contrasts dictated by usually dark or copper-colored hair and hazel, amber or deep green eyes. The best palette in this case is formed by warm and harmonious golden tones such as bronze, caramel, brick, chocolate or deep red .

The perfect armocromia bridal make-up for autumn brides-to-be consists of a light foundation, a warm-colored earth or blush, a bronze or chocolate-colored eyeshadow and a lipstick that can range from nude in its most intense shades. to red in matte texture.


Finally, the last season is characterized by a cold undertone with very evident color contrasts typical of those with very light skin but dark eyes and hair. The high intensity of the contrasts in this case requires intense and bright cold colors , to obtain a harmonious and feminine look.

For the winter bride, we recommend a slightly pink foundation with a light ton-sur-ton blush, to emphasize the eyes instead with an eyeshadow with dark and cold shades such as black, blue or gray and the lips with a burgundy or burgundy lipstick. The contrasts will enhance the natural beauty with elegance and style, for a glamorous look of sure impact.

The beauty calendar for the bride

All women want to reach the top of their shape and beauty on their wedding day, to immortalize that unique and special day in breathtaking photographs next to their groom. How to get really prepared for the wedding? If six months after your wedding date you haven't started taking better care of yourself yet, it's definitely time to start: take note of all the tips and don't forget an effective reminder for all the most important appointments.

 Here is our bea
uty calendar for the bride , which will make you arrive on the Big Day more beautiful, fresh and radiant than ever.


Whatever hairstyle you have chosen for your wedding 

It is very important that your hair looks healthy, well-groomed and bright , worthy of a princess. For this reason, we must pay attention to weather or stress factors and run for cover as soon as we notice dull, weak or brittle hair. At least six months before your wedding day, book an appointment with your trusted hairdresser to cut damaged ends and perform a revitalizing treatment suitable for your hair type. You can also do the same treatment a couple of weeks before the wedding, to increase its effectiveness.

Regarding the color

However, remember todo not dare by choosing to try different shades from the usual a short distance from the wedding day : if you want to radically change your cut or color, better think about it a few months in advance, to have time and time to make any changes.

 Every day the utmost attention is paid to the appearance and care of one's face, even more in view of the wedding. If you have small imperfections or a type of skin that needs special care, start already nine months before the fateful day to strengthen the care : in this way you can arrive at your wedding with smooth and radiant skin. You can turn to professionals in the sector to carry out a facial cleansing or chemical peels aimed at your skin but be careful do not perform them more than two weeks before the wedding , to avoid unpleasant blemishes due to redness.

Keep your eyebrows neat and tidy on a daily basis

Avoiding giving them a new shape a few days before the wedding. In fact, if you want to opt for microblanding or eyebrow tattooing, our advice is to do a test a few months in advance and check the result calmly to be able to remedy if necessary. 

Don't forget to give the right attention to your teeth too

Which will be the protagonists of your smiles throughout the day. Book a dental cleaning session at the dentist six months before the wedding and repeat it again a week in advanceof the Big Day. We advise you to avoid teeth whitening (unless it is strictly necessary) and to be rather careful in the weeks before the wedding to the intake of foods, drinks and substances that tend to yellow and stain the teeth such as coffee, tea , tomato sauce, red wine, red fruits, fizzy drinks and cigarettes.

The body

To keep your body in shape you need perseverance and determination

So remember to start at least nine months before the wedding . Try to exercise regularly outdoors and to maintain a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and liquids.

If you suffer from skin blemishes

Plan a targeted beauty treatment at least six months before your wedding , to reduce its appearance in view of the big event. Also, if you're getting married in the summer and want to show off an enviable tan, don't forget to undergo some light UVA lamp sessions in advance, reinforcing their effects with a natural tan in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Speaking of hair removal

 It is important to keep the periodicity you are used to and just remember not to have the last session close to the weddingto avoid incurring any unpleasant redness or obvious signs (especially if you are wearing a very elegant short dress!).

Don't forget to take care of your hands too 

They will be one of the most photographed and admired subjects on your wedding day and must therefore show the right care and beauty. Remember at least a month before the wedding to intensify the skin care of your hands , applying an emollient cream and a serum indicated to keep the cuticles soft. Book a manicure at the beautician for two or three weeks and then the day before the wedding, giving a medium-short and rounded size to your nails (you don't want them to get caught in your stockings or accidentally tugging at the threads of your wonderful dress) and letting you apply the nail polish of your choice. 

Finally, remember to also take care of your feet during the weeks leading up to the wedding, 

With special treatments, pedicures and nail polish, especially if you are wearing a refined and modern pair of jeweled bridal sandals.