Wedding Trends: The Favorite Dresses of the 2022 Brides To Be

The brides of 2022 wasted no time in expressing their preferences regarding the dresses of the latest collections . After all, the search for the perfect dress begins at least 8-9 months before the big day ! The many proposals that arrive from the most prestigious Ateliers in the bridal couture sector respond with elegance and modernity to the requests of the bride to be, dictating an avant-garde fashion that winks at the great timeless classics.

 But what are the favorite models of future brides ? 

Here are the 5 trends that are at the top of the chart! 

1. White that never goes out of style

The most original brides to be are always looking for alternative colors for their wedding dress, from romantic powder pink to passionate fire red, up to black for a definitely elegant and over the top non-conformism. But what is the favorite color of modern brides? White , an evergreen that never tires and that has always made even less conventions-loving women dream.

 Its shades can be warm, like those of cream or ivory, or cold like ice. Regardless of the choice of shade, this color remains the favorite of the brides of 2022 because it is considered as a "blank sheet" to be enriched with contrastsmade up of different fabrics, transparencies, embroideries and luminous applications. It is these details that distinguish the taste and elegance of every woman, showing all their personality with freshness, dynamism and modernity . 

2. The elegance of the princess lines

Here is another great classic that continues to enchant the youngest: the princess wedding dress. Wide and voluminous skirts stand out as great protagonists at the altar, made of light and fluffy fabrics such as tulle. The lines are typically tight on the bodice , often embroidered or enriched with bright details, and instead wide from the waist to the feet, to give a romantic and regal look .

 Thanks to its characteristic versatility , capable of camouflaging the small defects of every woman, it is still the most loved dress by future brides: an icon of femininity, it is also perfect for curvy brides.who want to show off a comfortable, chic and traditional outfit. 

3. Sophisticated seduction 

The look towards the contemporary is given by a reinterpretation of the canons of seduction expressed by wedding dresses, which are rediscovered more and more sophisticated by wrapping shapes with elegance and lightness without highlighting them with particularly succinct lines or adherences. The mermaid wedding dress is therefore revisited, combining femininity and sensuality with volumes that embrace the figure with sweetness and sobriety. The watchword is: class. To be sensual you don't need to show yourself too much, thanks to some simple tricks it is possible to show all your femininity as a weapon of seduction while maintaining the delicate balance necessary for a wedding celebration characterized by good taste and formality. 

4. Volume and lightness

Another trend that sees its guidelines in modernity is certainly the use of light materials to give volume to the most refined and glamorous wedding dresses . Tulle, chiffon and lace are the most used fabrics to create voluminous and impalpable outfits that well represent the tastes and choices of the most fashionable brides.

 Why is it so successful? At the base of this trend is the desire for freshness and lightness that this last year has made increasingly felt, especially in young couples who want to fulfill their dream of love and build a life together with marriage. Yes to the desire to have fun and to show a sunny and genuine look on the wedding day!

5. Embroidery and luminous applications

We come now to the details. What are the most popular decorative elements in 2022 wedding dresses? The luminous applications made with rhinestones, beads and small precious stones are in first place, followed closely by romantic embroideries linked to the theme of nature and made ton sur ton with contrasting materials. 

These decorations clearly emerge in wedding dresses with long sleeves or with plays of transparencies on the neckline and back but are also widely used on the bodices, to emerge as a delicate and unique visual distinguishing feature.