Wedding manicure: dream ideas and shades

The bride's hands have always been in the foreground! On your wedding day, in fact, you will wear the ring that will accompany you for life and will forever bind you to the man of your dreams: your hands will be the protagonists of many photographs and all the guests will want to see the wedding ring up close. So don't neglect the care of your hands and nails, follow our tips for a perfect manicure and the 2022 trends regarding bridal nail polish!

Hand care

Before thinking about the perfect shade for your bridal nails, you need to take care of your skin. A few months before the wedding, make an appointment with your trusted beautician and carry out targeted treatments for hand care, to arrive perfectly at the Big Day. Do you have dry hands that crack easily? Choose nourishing treatments that can regenerate the skin and eliminate the annoying redness that occurs at the first cold. Do you have skin that tends to get fat and sweat a lot in the hottest season? Better then to opt for a more delicate treatment that softens the skin without making it oily.

Do not forget to also request a manicure treatment for the cuticles as well as for the strengthening and possibly the reconstruction of the nails, in case they are very damaged: if the preparation of the nail is optimal, the polish will last much longer . 

The colors of the bride

The choice of the color of the bridal nail polish must be linked not only to personal taste but also to the occasion and the style chosen for the wedding day. Green light therefore to lighter and more classic shades such as pink, powder and nude but nothing prevents you from giving a touch of originality by focusing on two-tone manicure or a contrasting nail. The choice for the classic bride is certainly that of the French manicure , it must be clear and not very elaborate so as not to vulgarize the hands. If you love nail art, on the other hand, choose small and discreet decorations, magati only on one nail in each hand, you will get a refined and original effect.

The only rule to follow is the shape: claws and stilettos are banned, better choose to give arounded and short almond profile , a gentle shape perfect for the most classic and elegant weddings.

Do not forget, especially if the wedding is celebrated in the summer months, the enamel on the feet . We must not neglect the care of the feet, choosing to carry out an accurate pedicure, and of the nails, which must be coordinated with the hands. 

The trends of 2022

The 2022 bridal nail polish favors soft, neutral and simple colors. It ranges from the evergreen nude in shades of pink to beige and cream , perfect in combination with any dress and style, to the more decisive dove gray, the real must of the season, perfect especially for those who choose to get married in the autumn months. Another very popular trend is the textured stamping (lace, polka dots, flowers ..), perfect for nail art lovers, to characterize all the nails or only the ring fingers, and give more prominence to the wedding band. Can't you give up a bright touch? Enrich the chosen nuance with chrome powders or glitter , to transform your hands into real jewels and make your photographs shine.