Wedding hairstyles: choose the one that's right for you

There are numerous elegant and sophisticated wedding hairstyles, able to give the bridal look a touch of sophistication and extra personality . Your bridal hairstyle will characterize your outfit and will remain indelible in the photographs you will keep in memory of this special day. For this reason it is necessary to choose, among the wedding hairstyles, the one that best suits your face and that best suits the dress and style chosen for the wedding . Get inspiration from our proposals! Bridal hairstyles with short hair The length of the hair is not a limit but a stimulus to find the best form of hairstyling for your face. 

For brides with short hair, a timeless cut is definitely the bob:

 The helmet enhances the femininity of the woman and can be enriched with floral or luminous accessories for a truly unique look. If, on the other hand, you want a more jaunty and natural look, better opt for a pixie cut . Perfect for women who love to dare and stand out with a strong personality, it can be short or extra short and customized with original shades that enhance the features of the face.

Wedding hairstyles with braid

A must of the last seasons is definitely the braid: gathered, lateral, decomposed, with an ear of wheat ... It stands out as the most chic and fashionable hairstyle for brides . Thanks to its characteristics it allows to give personality to straight and flat hair, to manage rebellious curls and to create a romantic and sophisticated look . The wedding hairstyles with braid are perfect in any season and can be made in numerous variations that are well suited to medium-length or long hair. To create an even more personal look, enrich the braid with small fresh flowers or bright highlights.

 Semi-collected wedding hairstyles

The semi-harvest is the evergreen of bridal hairstyles. Perfect for any type of ceremony , thanks to its versatility and naturalness it represents one of the most requested hairstyles. You can collect the locks on the sides of the face with a clip or flowers or, for those with very long hair, with romantic braids.

Boho-chic wedding

for example, the semi-harvest is the right solution: it can be combined with a fragrant and elegant crown of wildflowers. For a traditional wedding , on the other hand, you can opt for a more elaborate semi-collection enriched with a jeweled clasp . Finally, for a chic and modern wedding, choose aside semi-harvest that will give you an elegance of sure effect.

Collected wedding

Hairstyles The wedding hairstyles with collected hair highlight the features of the face and focus attention on the neck, so pay close attention to the wedding dress you have chosen and the accessories to match, such as necklace and earrings. 

If you love classic hairstyles, our advice is to opt for the timeless chignon , which can be made in many variations to represent your character and your style. If height is not your strong point, you can style your hair in a straight high bun that allows you to elongate the figuregiving a clean and very elegant line. If, on the other hand, you love more cheeky hairstyles, choose a soft low or side chignon , for a more natural but always refined look.

 In general, we recommend looking for a look that is as natural as possible , which enhances your hair type with elegance without being too constructed and elaborate. Whatever bridal hairstyle you choose for your wedding, it should make you feel completely at ease and enhance your unique personality.

Short hair wedding hairstyles: the most beautiful hairstyles for your wedding

Each bride has her own style and personality, which is reflected not only in the wedding dress and makeup but also in the hairstyle. Who said that wedding hairstyles for those with short hair offer few options and possibilities? Long hair certainly leaves more room for imagination but the latest trends in hairstyle contemplate more and more proposals for those who wear short hair , including trendy and innovative cuts and elegant accessories to match.

 The bride with short hair is modern, self-confident and full of personality : all these qualities must be valued, especially on your wedding day.

 If you are looking for inspiration and love to experiment, to find the wedding hairstyle that best suits your personality and the style of your wedding, keep reading our tips!

 Wedding hairstyles with very short

 hair Short hair is very chic and refined , perfect for completing the bridal outfit with style. If you have decided to amaze your groom and your guests with a very short cut or a pixie cut (very short bob, always loved by the most beautiful Hollywood stars), it is important to show off your natural nonconformity with pride and personality without giving up romantic details. that make your cool and carefree look even more elegant .

 You can enhance your cut with aheadband with veil , to cover the eyes with a mysterious see-through effect with vintage references, or characterize the look with a modern princess diamond tiara , or play with the boho-chic style wearing a flower crown for a very trendy choice.

 Remember that this cut focuses attention on your face , so take special care of your bridal makeupand don't overdo it with accessories. If you have chosen to wear a chaplet, for example, do not combine large earrings or particularly elaborate chokers; vice versa, if your cut is already quite particular and you do not want to further enhance it, you can focus everything on important and bright earrings, to focus attention at your eye level.

Wedding hairstyles with short wavy or straight hair

Do you have short, wavy or curly hair ? 

This type of hair undoubtedly recalls a romantic and boho chic style , thanks to their soft and natural volume . Agree with your trusted hairstylist the best style for your face and choose to donate atouch of personality through elegant wedding accessories. 

You can combine your cut with a large and precious jeweled hair clip , in the shape of a flower, feather or leaf, with an antique style and refined precious stones: pinning it sideways just above the ear you will get a short hair wedding hairstyle with unparalleled charm. If, on the other hand, your wedding will be classic and traditional or modern and in the latest fashion, it is better to opt for small rhinestones and diamonds to pin here and there making your hairstyle stand out.

Is your hair short and straight ? 

You have many possibilities to choose from, for a glamorous and elegant wedding hairstyle. According to your taste, you can choose whether to leave them smooth naturally, volumize them or curl them. Our advice is to opt for a minimal and tidy look which highlights your natural hair with a fabric band or a thin crown studded with diamonds or a thicker crown covered with rhinestones. Free your imagination and according to the style chosen for your wedding , choose to coordinate a chic and refined or whimsical and colorful hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyles with medium short hair

The perfect wedding hairstyles for medium short hair range from bob to long bob and allow you to play with the past giving a vintage and refined touchto your bridal look. You can opt for some fascinating side waves and remember the famous 1930s divas in their maximum splendor, or treat yourself to a semi -collection to enhance by gathering the hair more above the nape and leaving the front ones softer and looser. Remember that a good hairstyle is often more than enough to achieve a chic, romantic and spectacular look for your wedding.

 If you want to combine your hairstyle with an accessory, in this case we recommend a classic and elegant headband with veil:

The must have that all brides with medium short hair should wear!

 Isn't the veil for you? 

Then opt for a original hat with veil on the front , or for a thin crown or a small jewel clip to put on the back of your beautiful hairstyle. 

 Play in advance by experimenting with different short hair looks and bridal hairstyles a few months ahead of your wedding date, especially if you are not used to seeing yourself with short hair. This way you will have plenty of time to understand what works best and dedicate yourself to perfecting it to the fullest.

 It is a question of creativity and preparation , which, well balanced between them, will make you arrive more beautiful than mail on your Big Day!