Wedding hairstyles 2022: the great return of the bridal braid

Not only the wedding dress and the wedding style are subject to fashions. Other details, such as bridal hairstyles , are also the protagonists of trends that should not be underestimated for organizing a perfect wedding. The great revival of bridal braids Now in vogue for a couple of years, bridal braids are confirmed as one of the most popular 2022 bridal hairstyles. But don't think about classic and rigid braids: the 2022 bridal braids are soft and therefore modern hairstyles. 

Informal and a little dreamy thanks to the tousled effect, the braids are really versatile and give a truly fascinating look. Side, classic, herringbone or Dutch:

According to the dress and the style of the wedding, you can opt for a braid that collects all the hair, or only the upper ones, leaving the lengths loose. If you have short hair ... The main limitation of braids is the length: long hair is needed to create important braids. If you are looking for a short hair wedding hairstyle and you really dream of a bridal braid, you could possibly resort to extensions, taking care however to choose them of quality, and really similar to your natural hair, to avoid unpleasant effects.

However, there is an alternative. If you have a medium-short haircut and therefore cannot collect your hair in a bridal braid, you can ask your trusted hairdresser for help, and have two small braids made with the front side strands, to be then worn backwards and fixed as if they were a chaplet.

The texture is also important, to recreate a fake disheveled and informal effect . 

Contact professional bridal hairdressers, who know how to use the right products and techniques to give you a bridal hairstyle that reflects your wishes. Floral crowns The bridal braid can be completed with ad hoc details and accessories, to match the dress or simply the location you have chosen for the reception.

If, for example, you have organized a rural or outdoor wedding, in spring or summer, you could insert a floral crown in your bridal braid , creating a composition with greenery and flowers that can match those of the bouquet. Delicate or bright colors, depending on your tastes, can characterize and give personality to your figure.

Always choose flowers that can resist without fading, and also taking into account the comfort of the crown. It would be better to choose fresh and seasonal flowers , but if you fear that the flowers will wilt during the day, opt for silk or synthetic flowers, but also dried or paper.

Depending on the composition, you can achieve a “flower power” effect or push yourself towards the more contemporary bohemian bridal style or, if you prefer, you can be a hippy-style bride.

Autumn or winter brides can also insert floral bridal crowns in their hair. In this case, compositions can be created by inserting elements and details that recall the current season, such as sticks, berries and seasonal flowers. Embellishing the wedding hairstyle with jewel details If you have chosen an elegant style wedding, and maybe you will wear a princess or well decorated wedding dress, you can complete your wedding hairstyle with a bright and precious tiara .

Accessories can add an extra touch of romance to your look by emphasizing the style or wedding theme you have chosen. The important thing is to choose a trend and stay consistent, avoiding misleading combinations or excesses.

Bridal hairstyles: trends for summer 2022

The 2022 bride hairstyling trends embrace a natural and less artificial style compared to classic hairstyles: an apparently "disheveled" effect is actually recreated and carefully constructed.

 A modern romanticism

The hairstyles for the 2022 bride focus on deconstruction: naturalness and informality are sought through soft and not too defined hairstyles, in which some strands escape from the harvest in an apparently casual way. This new informal romanticism perfectly embodies the bohemian-hippy style typical of the moment, which makes casual-chic an undisputed current.

Soft weaves

The collected hairstyles include twisted lengths, fixed in a soft way with tips left free and a few strands that fall free on the forehead and around the face, to emphasize the spontaneity and simplicity of a hairstyle that is actually studied in detail. The fixing of these weaves will be carried out with invisible hairpins and anti-frizz fixing gels, with the possibility of adding jewel clips or a circle of flowers once the veil has been removed.

 A chic and original style, even without a veil

If you want a look that amazes the guests, you can give up the veil, replacing it with accessories that will become protagonists in its place: a pair of ethereal, refined but voluminous earrings, will be the ideal complement for a simple but elegant hairstyle. An example? A high ponytail, with a slight backcomb on the top of the head and a disheveled touch on the lengths and with some locks left free on the sides of the face.

 A short hairstyle styled bon ton

If you have a short cut or a bob, the ideal choice is to style it with soft waves, to be collected in a natural way, or through a braided headband, and fixed with long-lasting products. For a casual but chic look, you can keep your hair loose, embellishing it with jewel details or small points of light.

 Whatever hairstyle you have chosen, the important thing is that it reflects your style, making you satisfied with the image it gives you, and making you feel truly special and valued on your "yes" day.