Wedding Dresses: The Most Used Fabrics

The time has come to choose the dress of your dreams and you don't know where to start? We reveal a secret ... to find the perfect wedding dress, in addition to the model and color, you must also consider the fabric of the dress : a fundamental aspect that determines the style, lines and shape of the packaged dress.

In fact, some fabrics lend themselves better to more rigid clothes, others to very fluffy clothes. Knowing the materials with which wedding dresses are made will certainly help you a lot in choosing the dress, which will characterize your look and must be in line with the general atmosphere of the wedding.

Let's discover together all the qualities of the 8 most loved and sought after fabrics by every future bride!

1) Silk: bright and shiny dresses

Pure silk is a precious and refined material, used for many wedding dresses given its softness and elasticity, brilliance and luminosity that will make you a radiant and very chic bride .

 From silk delicate dresses are born with a minimal and refined style but not only. Almost all the other fabrics most sought after by future brides are obtained from silk. We are talking about tulle, chiffon, crepe, organza, taffeta, satin and mikado.

2) Tulle: romantic and voluminous dresses

The very fine texture of tulle makes this fabric ideal for making fluffy but very light dresses with a romantic and fairy-tale style. In fact, the threads of the tulle are so thin that once intertwined they create an almost transparent mesh used by the ateliers to make princely wedding dresses and mermaid dresses with voluminous skirts, but also simple dresses with straight A -shaped skirts.

 also used in tailoring to create the bridal veil , the accessory that with its elegance will complete your look giving you an even more refined and ethereal appearance. 

3) Chiffon: Light and fluffy dresses

 The lightness of chiffon allows you to create slippery, fluctuating and fluffy dresses with an imperial and retro style . Chiffon is not a smooth fabric, but has slight ripples that give the dress a beautiful natural and distinct effect, not very structured.

 Chiffon can be obtained both from silk fibers, for more elegant dresses, and from synthetic fibers, from which more modest dresses are obtained. In any case, it is your ideal fabric, if you want to achieve a sober and angelic look for your wedding. 

4) Organza: sensual and elegant dresses

 If you've always dreamed of a sensual and elegant dress, organza is the fabric for you! The dresses are very light, as well as those in chiffon, with the difference that the organza gives the dress greater volume and rigidity, without weighing down the dress as a whole.

 This is how enchanting and fascinating dresses with romantic lines are born, white with delicate pearl-colored shades that will give you a royal brightness.

 5) Taffeta: shiny and very smooth dresses

Taffeta is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful silk processes, with which full- bodied dresses are made , more or less shiny and very smooth to the touch. It is the ideal fabric for making colorful dresses, for the most daring bride who wants to stand out on her Big Day.

 It is the classic dream dress, which fits the female form perfectly giving you a princely allure ... and at every step you will hear the sweet noise of your dress, which accompanies you in the crowning of a dream. 

6) Satin: tight and soft dresses

Satin dresses are wonderful because they are soft and velvety on the body. Pure silk satin is the most precious variant, but the beauty of this fabric is that even the less noble variants do not lose their lightness and shine .

 Satin wedding dresses are thin and form-fitting , perfect for applying embroidery or gemstones to them . If you are a future bride with fine lines or sinuous shapes, the dress will slide over your body in a very sensual way. Among the various types of satin, only the duchesse is more rigid and structured: it is the ideal fabric if you want a dress that does not slip too much and that enhances your shapes. 

7) Mikado: glamorous and seductive dresses

It is the most loved fabric by brides in recent years! 

On the one hand it is more shiny and brilliant, on the other more opaque and material: these luminous contrasts will give you a glamorous and seductive outfit, perfect for a modern and metropolitan wedding style. Mikado is in fact a heavy and full-bodied fabric ideal for making structured, rigid wedding dresses that wrap and shape your silhouette .

 Given its heaviness, it is the perfect fabric if you get married in autumn in winter ! 

8) Lace: elegant and romantic dresses

Lace is a very romantic and refined delicate fabric , extremely princely! It is able to combine present and past, perfect for shabby chic style weddings.

You can opt for a total lace look , apply some trimmings to your dress in this regal and sophisticated fabric, or wear a dress with lace sleeves and a body and skirt in another fabric. The combinations are endless!

Now that you are also well informed on the most used fabrics to make wedding dresses, you will not have difficulty choosing the style that suits you among our numerous proposals . We are waiting for you in the atelier, to find together the dress of your dreams!