Wedding Dresses: Discover the New 2022 Collection

Contrasting sculptural models with soft and flowing lines: this is the line followed for the new collection of Egò wedding dresses available at our atelier near Milan .

 The Egò 2017 wedding dresses see the use of important volumes contrasted with mikadi, organza and georgette, accompanied by floral and striped motifs, for a result with a carefree and at the same time simple and sophisticated taste. Egò is a brand belonging to Valentini Spose , a company present in the sector since 1966, which has been producing totally Made in Italy wedding dresses for over 50 years.

, sought after and loved by all women. Thanks to 4 different lines, it manages to create such a variety of models that it is able to satisfy every need, even that of the most difficult bride. Experience and haute couture blend with style and refinement to create sought-after and appreciated wedding dresses.

 Come and visit us at our atelier near Milan , we will be happy to show you all the Egò wedding dresses and to help you choose the one that suits you best. Our seamstresses will then take care of making the necessary changes to give you an impeccable look with attention to every detail.

Designer charms with Jolies wedding dresses by Alessandra Rinaudo

The Nicole Atelier was born in 1996 thanks to the stylist Alessandra Rinaudo. A leading tailoring laboratory in the production of wedding dresses that offers its customers different lines of dresses to choose from:

  • Nicole,
  • Alessandra Rinaudo,
  • Colet,
  • Aurora,
  • Romance,
  • Jolies.

The Jolies wedding dress line includes more than ninety models, all with unique characteristics. For the most refined brides there is the long model with train and sweetheart neckline , or the most classic of dresses, the wide and fluffy princess one , with long sleeves embroidered in lace. The atelier also offers models with floral-themed applications, wide tulle skirts, more sinuous skirts in taffeta or covered with a cascade of crystals.

For brides soap and water , however, there are simple dresses with clean lines , able to wrap and enhance the silhouette, without too many decorations.

For whimsical brideswho certainly do not want to go unnoticed on the most important day of their life, here are bodices completely covered with sparkling stones , mermaid dresses to enhance the shapes and a myriad of finely inlaid roses on the dress . 

Alessandra Rinaudo with this line of wedding dresses Jolie has thought of every need and occasion: from bandeau dresses that leave the shoulders bare, to long-sleeved dresses, for winter brides. There is also room for slightly more risque dresses , with transparent bustiers decorated with lace for a "see-through" effect. Also very trendydresses inspired by the legendary fifties , accompanied by satin bands at the waist and ton sur ton gloves. 

The flagship of the atelier is that it has also thought of the most alternative brides , proposing some short models. Whether it's a blunt effect with a short skirt in front but long at the back, or a real knee-length sheath dress, success is guaranteed. 

Despite the rich choice of models, the guideline of the whole collection is the refinement and elegance of each dress, the mastery in their creation and the undisputed high quality of the final product. These are the strengths that make the Jolies wedding dress line, but above all the Nicole Atelier, a point of reference in the sector.

Dress up your dream with Nicole wedding dresses

Nicole wedding dresses are dream dresses, perfect for every woman's most important day. Nothing is left to chance, every thread, every bead, every part of the fabric is designed and worked to create a magic. All Nicole Spose wedding dresses are comfortable and fluid, they design an elegant and refined silhouette , they are made with noble fabrics and the most subtle and precious rhinestones. The handcrafted embroideries make the dresses of highly innovative models with pure and sophisticated lines , which seduce and enhance the femininity of every woman.

Attention to detail and skilful tailoring are the basis of the creation of Nicole wedding dresses, which contain the uniqueness and splendor of the art of cutting, draping and embroidering a dress, typical of Italian haute couture . 

In front of a Nicole wedding dress you can perceive the passion in the processing and packaging of the same, the care in conceiving the volumes, in the choice of suitable fabrics that are gently shaped to give life to a real work of art, a product of excellence and originality. The brand's stylist is Alessandra Rinaudo , the television face of Real Time and the Detto Fatto program.

The Nicole 2017 collectioncollects wonderful, unique wedding dresses, just browse the gallery of our site to realize the authenticity of the fabrics and shapes. Every woman will find the dress of her dreams among those proposed by the brand: long tight, mermaid, ballerina, puffy like clouds, embroidered with lace, beads or sequins, smooth the fabric that is the protagonist, as well as short models . The proposed colors range from white to nude powder. 

The collection offers a wide choice of beautiful dresses, from the classic and romantic style to the more modern and daring one , all worthy of a real princess.

The winter wedding dress

Among the dreams of a woman about to get married, the choice of a white dress is certainly the most exciting, unique moment of her life.

 Usually the favorite months to crown the long-awaited wedding are spring and summer. More unusual, however, is to opt for a winter or autumn date. Lately, however, more and more brides rely on the magic of autumn leaves and snowflakes instead of the classic sunset by the sea. A winter

 wedding deserves extra precautions regarding the choice of the wedding dress: it is necessary to take into consideration many more factors, especially in terms of climate. If you have chosen a cold period for the best day of your life

long-sleeved dress could prove to be the best choice: 

Whether they are in tulle embellished with small sparkling crystals or in finely worked macramé lace , the long sleeves on the wedding dress seem to be very popular in recent times, so much so that they are also chosen by late brides summer for an evening ceremony.

 Obviously it will not be a lace sleeve that will warm you from the cold, but it will surely immediately immerse you in the atmosphere. Three-quarter sleeves are also very popular , an alternative to which more and more brides are resorting. 

If, on the other hand, you do not want to give up the classic bandeau dress with a sweetheart neckline , typically summer, an eye should be paid to accessories . Tradition has it that a winter bride uses long white gloves , perhaps in velvet to protect herself from the cold, or in silk , for a more elegant and refined touch. 

For the shoulders, on the other hand, it is timeless to use a fur coat always in shades of white, such as a short and fitted model for a Grace Kelly effect. Moving a little away from the classic lines, a more original solution could be a jacket , inspired by the trends of the catwalks. Or even a cape , there are enchanting ones with hood, in lace, in velvet, in soft satin and even in eco-leather , for a more rock touch.  

Staying on the subject, fashion has shouted all its undisputed love for the " nail " (better known as a jacket) in leather also for winter brides: whether it is white, black or minimal, the white dress played down by the nail is a success that no one would have believed.

 You choose the dress of your dreams, we will take care of making it the perfect winter wedding dress to make you experience this special day in the best possible way.

Rock wedding dress: personality and elegance

Are you a nonconformist and alternative bride? 
Do you have a rock character? 

Don't hide this side of you on the big day. 

You can have a rock wedding dress and be elegant and refined at the same time.

 The rock wedding dress is the ideal choice for those who do not want to put a brake on their personality. 

Elegant and original at the same time, these dresses are a tribute to the most irrepressible femininity, and to the style of the seventies and eighties: 

laces, corsets, asymmetrical cuts, necklines and bright colors are the essential elements to bring back the fashion created by the bands. cult rock of the past decades.  

The rock wedding dress it is transgressive, captivating and sensual, without leading to vulgarity: it is necessary to remember, in fact, that it is still a ceremony and excesses are out of place. Therefore, to be sure to look beautiful and sophisticated , 

It is good to choose a model that is not too short and that does not wrap your bust in an exaggerated way, play  with colors : 

yes, therefore, to the touches of black, red, purple and to the belts in contrast. A style, that of the rock wedding dress , which is conquering more and more young "brides", is the so-called  rockabilly. The 1950s  cuts are resumed, with wide full skirts, tight bodices and lines that wink at the pin-up look , enhancing the more sinuous curves with sweetheart necklines and tight lines, which mark the waistline . 

For a perfect rock-style outfit 

An important role is played by make-up and hairstyles , which must be in line with the chosen dress: red lipstick is the real protagonist, accompanied by a curve of black eyeliner and a jaunty and sophisticated haircut, perhaps embellished with curls and ribbons.

The wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects in view of the big day. Every bride wants a dress that enhances her and reflects her tastes and personality, in what will probably be the most special and unforgettable moment of her life. After all, marriage is almost a fairytale of which the bride is the undisputed protagonist, and with an elegant, sensual and refined dress the fairytale becomes even more special. 

Among the various models of dresses, a classic evergreen that comes from overseas and is finding more and more favor in Italy is certainly the mermaid dress. Its harmonious and seductive lines embrace the body and shape shapes and volumes in the upper part, to expand into a sumptuous train similar to a mermaid's tail.

The mermaid dress is probably one of the most chic, 

Refined and sensual cuts for a wedding dress. Considered for years the evening dress par excellence, in a bridal context it gives the bride an incomparable charm and charm, wrapping the curves with a snug effect that is further embellished by the choice of fabric. For this type of clothes, iridescent and shiny fabrics and silks are very suitable, to combine the sophisticated cut with a whole series of plays of light and contrasts. 

Even the semi-transparencies of lace and tulle, for the shoulders, the veil or the train of the dress, help to embellish this cut, enhancing femininity to the maximum with a unique style. Recommended, however, especially for slender women with the right shapes, not excessively thin or long-limbed; the mermaid dress is in fact conceived with an hourglass shape, which emphasizes the curves of the body, wrapping them and highlighting their harmony. 

With a dress of this type, the silhouette becomes the focus of attention, thanks to its wraparound effect and the play of adhesions that give a mermaid dress all its charm. However, with some clever tricks, a mermaid dress can also enhance brides with a slimmer or more shapely physique.

The important thing is to find the right balance between the neckline (which can have different shapes in addition to the traditional heart shape), the enveloping lines of the bust and the airy opening of the dress at the bottom, harmonizing each element in a visual combination of great charm and very high sensuality.

In the context of particularly sumptuous weddings, a mermaid dress is the perfect solution for the bride who wants to feel elegant, sophisticated and sensual, making the atmosphere of this special day even more magical.

Valentini wedding dresses in Milan, the best of Made in Italy

A few kilometers from Milan , Clara Couture is pleased to host Valentini wedding dresses in her atelier , a company that has been producing refined dresses since 1966, particularly loved by all women.

The highest tailoring blends with extraordinary creativity to give life to fine models, finished in every detail. 

The Valentine wedding dress collection is divided into 4 lines, each with its own peculiarity:

  1. Valentine Couture , the company tradition that is reflected in dresses with a particularly elegant and prestigious taste, classic and timeless
  2. Egò , more modern wedding dresses, embellished with fine details and finishes, for those looking for refined models, but at the same time simple and jaunty
  3. Graziana Valentini , models with a more sensual and precious vein for the woman who loves to enhance her femininity
  4. Viviè , delicacy and modernity transmitted through the use of lighter fabrics, flounces, fluctuating and voluminous skirts 

At the head of the designer team we find Graziana Valentini, who manages to infuse the brand with passion, as well as the well-known quality all Made in Italy.

 The result of careful research, Valentini wedding dresses are characterized by a style capable of translating into versatility and thus satisfying the needs of all brides. Come and visit us at our atelier near Milan, we will recommend the most suitable Valentini wedding dress for you.