Waterproof make-up: the perfect make-up for the bride

Waterproof make-up is a type of water-resistant make-up which, made with specific products, guarantees a more effective resistance than normal cosmetic products. Particularly suitable for those who get married in the summer but generally indicated for all brides, it is the perfect make-up on occasions that require make-up that lasts all day and does not require frequent retouching. Foundation, blush and eyeshadow are the biggest enemies of heat and oily skin but don't worry, with our tips you can show off a perfect make-up for your Big Day.

How to make a long-lasting waterproof

make-up The first element that cannot be missing in a long-lasting make-up is a light mattifying base that lets the skin breathe and is not too covering. Once the skin has been properly moisturized, you can proceed by applying a waterproof foundation (of the same color as your complexion) which is mattifying and, in the case of skin that is particularly sensitive when exposed to the sun, containing a sun protection factor. For the wedding day, it is also essential to apply the powder carefully , to keep the shiny areas of the face at bay and fix the foundation.

Blush and eyeshadow they must be light, with light and satin shades, preferably in powder and specifically waterproof, for a radiant and elegant look. To ensure a perfect duration of the eyeshadow, it is also useful to apply, before eye make-up, a specific primer that intensifies the color and fixes it, thus avoiding annoying accumulations in folds and expression lines. Later you can also apply a pencil or a waterproof eyeliner, to further intensify the look.

As for the waterproof mascara , our advice is to choose the one you prefer based on the type of lashes and the result you want to achieve: volumizing, thickening, lengthening, curling ... there are to meet any need. The lipstick depends on the style chosen for the wedding and the type of dress that will be worn but usually it is preferable to apply a soft and matt color or opt for a transparent gloss easy to manage and reapply throughout the day, especially after the lunch or dinner.

How to remove waterproof make-up

If it is true that waterproof make-up is the best in terms of duration and to combat imperfections caused by heat, it is equally true that it is particularly occlusive for the pores of the skin and therefore it is necessary to remove it effectively to allow the face to breathe .

One of the best products for long-lasting make-up removal are biphasic make-up removers: made up of aqueous and oelic molecules, and not very aggressive for sensitive skin, they are able to gently dissolve even the most resistant group, leaving the skin clean of impurities.

Homemade but still effective methods are those that involve the use of olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil . Applying a small amount on a cotton pad and gently dabbing or massaging the skin will remove the waterproof makeup without leaving a trace, helping to combat any dryness of the skin as well. This solution is not recommended for those who already experience problems related to oily skin, as it would make the situation worse.

The trends of summer 2022

The trends in bridal make-up for summer 2022 come directly from the catwalks,
here are the top 3:

  • Shades of gold or bronze on eyes and cheekbones and total nude lips, for a refined and brilliant look
  • Red lipstick and eyeliner that redefines the line of the eye, for a vintage and sensual look that does not go unnoticed
  • Eyeliner that emphasizes the look and volumized lips thanks to a light lip contour, for a chic and romantic look

Remember to intensify your gaze and think of a photographic make-up without exaggerating with too bright, dark or aggressive colors. The watchword is: balance. If you choose a red or brightly colored lipstick, your eyes must have a light make-up, vice versa if you prefer to apply a heavy make-up on the eyes it is better to aim for a nude look or a transparent gloss for the lips.

DIY bridal make-up: tips for a make-up worthy of the "Yes"

If you like wearing makeup, or are looking for ways to save money on your wedding planning, then you may want to consider wearing your own makeup for the big day. What you need is just a little familiarity with products and brushes, for the rest, in this article you will find some tips to make a wedding make-up suitable for you, delicate and perfect for the occasion.

Skincare is the first step

To show off an enviable skin on your wedding day, start a month or two before taking care of your face, with treatments and products suitable for your skin type. Gentle scrubs and lots of hydration will be the key to radiant skin, and to create an even base with a healthy and radiant appearance.

If you get married in the summer ...

To cope with the high temperatures, use foundation with light textures, which will avoid the mask effect (and also to melt). If you plan to stay in the sun, you should apply sunscreen products, but don't overdo it. As for the complexion, the complexion of the bride must be ethereal, luminous and elegant: for this purpose, a natural gilding is granted that will make you appear healthy, while a too marked tan, which risks falling into vulgarity, is to be avoided. (especially if signs of the costume remain visible).

Eyes in the foreground

If you decide that the eyes will be the protagonists of your makeup, you will have to leave your lips neutral. In any case, always start with a primer and a concealer, to hide dark circles and facial discoloration. Moving on to the actual makeup, you can try your hand at eye shadows and create a smokey eye in shades of pink or brown, taking into account that the effect must be light and elegant, and therefore avoiding too dark shadows. Alternatively, you can leave out the eye shadows, and emphasize the look with eyeliner (the hand must be very steady), or focus on the lashes with volumizing mascara or discrete false lashes. The gaze must always be framed by manicured eyebrows, to be defined and filled in where needed with a pencil of the appropriate color, and to be fixed with a gel.

Lips protagonists

If you prefer to emphasize the lips, the eye make-up must be minimal. The color red is quite unusual on a bride but it is not forbidden to use it, as long as you feel yourself and it is applied to perfection and touched up throughout the day. If you prefer discreet lips, you can use lipsticks or glosses with delicate tones, such as pink and nude. For a perfect match and a great class result, we suggest you use a blush on the cheeks of the same color as the lips.

A few more tips

Obviously the make-up will have to make you feel at ease: choose to make a make-up similar to the one you are used to wearing, perhaps adding a few small details or using a few more products. As for the products, better to use products that you already know and that you know will not disappoint you even on the big day. 

Make several tests of the make-up you would like to make: by training your dexterity and trying variations you will not arrive unprepared or undecided on your wedding day, and you will be able to wear make-up well despite the excitement and the interruptions. 

Finally, once you have made up for your tests, take photos with and without flash, outdoors and indoors, so as to see the effect that your make-up will have in photos, and possibly weigh it down or lighten it accordingly.