Trends 2022: The Short Wedding Dress

Short wedding dresses are one of the alternatives to the classic long princess dress most loved by the bride to be. Modern, fresh and graciously bon ton , they are perfect for ceremonies held in the summer months and which want to express a great personality. 

The short dresses have returned to the fore in recent years and present themselves as one of the great trends of 2022 in the wedding world, thanks to the major bridal fashion houses that present short and versatile models in line with every style need . In fact, if you want to opt for the maximum of originality, you can choose a short and colorful wedding dress: the ideal combination for a young, romantic and contemporary wedding.

Does the idea tickle you? 

Continue reading the article to find out which are the most popular short wedding dresses for future brides ... yours may be there too! Vintage The vintage style always makes its effect. Short wedding dresses lend themselves very well to this style, especially regarding the 20s and 50s. If you are looking for a bridal look inspired by the roaring 20s , in fact, you can opt for a splendid short and linear wedding dress in the typical style of those years and enriched with tone-on-tone white feathers for an even more precious outfit. You can combine simple and bright accessories such as a band studded with small stones or pearls and long earrings. 

Do you prefer to be inspired by the sparkling 50s ?

In this case, we recommend choosing a short wedding dress with a wide skirt , for a fresh and gritty look. Among the many models available you can choose a modern one with a smooth skirt up to the knee and embroidery on the bodice, to combine with a pair of colored shoes and a hairstyle in line with the style of those years, to be fixed with a jewel clasp. 

The extra touch? 

A pair of cute short gloves in white lace! Full volume If you love short dresses but don't want to give up the princely style , here is the right alternative for you: a short wedding dress with a skirt made up of many layers of tulle, to make it light and voluminous. In this case the game of contrasts is fundamental and the bodice must be smooth or embroidered but very simple, in combination with such an important skirt.

Is the dress right for you? 

Focus everything on the bon ton look , combining the dress with a pair of white or silver pumps to give a bright touch and a pair of short earrings as a point of light on the face. Yes to collected hairstyles , with high chignon or romantic intertwining. Short front and long back Asymmetrical dresses are a must have that you like or don't like, there are no half measures. 

If you love this style and are looking for a modern and captivating solution for your bridal outfit, the proposals are many and enhance the characteristics of this particular type of wedding dress: such as the volume games on the skirt , which can be made protagonists with ruffles, ruffles and flounces.

 It is the perfect short wedding dress for you if you are looking for a practical, modern and original alternative to the classic wedding dress but without opting for particularly unconventional looks. You can choose it in the traditional white color or with a delicate patterned print , for example floral and powder color if you want to recall the delicacy of nature. 

To complete the outfit we recommend a collected or side hairstyle and a pair of inevitable décolleté with high heel or plateau, because this dress particularly suits tall and slender women but with small tricks everyone can afford it! 

With removable long skirt Are you looking for a versatile look that will amaze your future groom and your guests? 

Minidresses with removable long skirts are very trendy , for example to be used during the ceremony and removed for greater freedom during the reception and celebrations. A dual dress that allows you to have “two wedding dresses for the price of one”, the ideal solution if you love to change your look and can't devote too much budget to your wedding dress. 

Among the many proposals of the best bridal fashion houses you can find lace mini dresses with elegant and refined embroidery, topped with wide and voluminous tulle skirts that reveal the legs with a truly breathtaking slit. In this case, pay close attention to accessories because with such an elaborate dress you need to balance with simple and essential elements such as a pair of precious jeweled sandals and a collected hairstyle without too many frills.

 Is the short wedding dress perfect for you and you can't wait to find the one of your dreams