The perfume for the bride, the perfect fragrance for your wedding

The perfect bridal outfit consists of numerous elements which, in harmony with each other, give a unique and refined style to every woman. To complete your look, however, the right fragrance cannot be missing , which expresses your personality and your character with elegance and discretion. How to choose the most suitable perfume for you? We have put together some tips to help you find the fragrance that best represents you on the most special day of your life. Let's find out together! 

All the elements that make up the aroma of a perfume 

The first thing you will have to select, to understand which perfume is most suitable for you, are the olfactory notes: these components in fact determine the aroma of the perfume you are going to wear. They are represented by essential oils of flowers, fruits and berries which in their union form different fragrances with specific characteristics; for example a fragrance may have a more fruity scent , another more floral , another more spicy and another even more woody . 

Since the perfume for the bride represents not only a pleasant smell but also a fundamental component to express one's personality and safety on such an important day, it is essential to make a thoughtful choice and not dictated solely by instinct or personal tastes. Do a more in-depth research, testing even different aromas from those you usually use , until you find the one that best suits you and that releases all its charm on your skin. 

Matching with your outfit 

Even the chosen perfume must perfectly match your bridal look , in the style and overall effect you want to achieve during your wedding. If you have opted for a very romantic ceremony and reception with a retro flavor , it is better to choose a floral fragrance based on rose, lavender or jasmine. It will give freshness and will be perfectly coordinated with your bouquet. 

Will your wedding be gritty and energetic? If you love cheerful and sunny atmospheres, the perfect perfume for you is definitely the one with a fruity , fresh and sparkling aroma just like your personality. For an elegance of other times and less formal ceremonies, we recommend instead a perfume with woody scents , capable of giving a touch of originality and refinement that will certainly not go unnoticed. 

Finally, if you have chosen an original and colorful wedding dress , you can dare with a perfume with a spicy aroma: strong and intense, it will release oriental notes that refer to an exotic and mysterious world, ideal for giving even more character to an unconventional personality. 

Eau de parfum or eau de toilette?

 Based on the time and place of the ceremony and reception, you will be able to decide whether to opt for a more intense and lasting eau de parfum, or a fresher and lighter eau de toilette . In fact, even the different fragrances can be more suitable for the day or the evening and it is essential to know how to recognize and use them correctly. The eau de toilette , being lighter and less intense, is preferable for ceremonies held during the day , while the eau de parfumit is more suited to the evening hours , thanks to the right relationship between the intensity of the fragrance and the balance between essential oils and alcohol that characterizes it.

The perfect tan before the wedding

White, as we know, is a color that stands out particularly on tanned skin. If on your wedding day you want to show off a breathtaking tan, which will make your bridal look even more beautiful, you will have to play in advance and follow some simple tricks . With a perfect bridal tan you can not only bring out the white dress but also play with colors to create elegant and chic effects with the most suitable wedding makeup for you. 

A few hours of sunshine every day

With the arrival of summer and the increase in daylight hours, set aside a couple of hours for your days to expose your skin to the sun. Avoiding the hottest hours, between 12 and 14, you could take walks in the open air, or read a book or a magazine lying on a blanket in the park or in your garden or why not, in a dedicated space on the terrace. home. The best times to expose yourself are those before sunset, because they allow the skin to tan slowly and consistently, preventing unwanted burns. To have a perfect bridal tan you need continuity and thriftiness. 

Take care of the skin daily

Although exposure to the sun is for a few hours a day, it is important to protect the skin daily with a sunscreenwith high or low UV protection depending on your skin type. Even if the sky turns out to be cloudy or the sun's rays don't seem to be strong, without adequate protection you could run into unpleasant sunburn or blemishes: your skin will be grateful, not only the day you wear your wonderful wedding dress but For all life!

Skin care must continue even after exposure to the sun , to retain the beautiful acquired tan for as long as possible the main rule is only one: moisturize . Apply an after-sun cream every night after daily cleansing and avoid using scrubs and showers with excessively hot water. 

One more help

If the achieved tan does not satisfy you or if your skin is very fair and struggling to take color, you may want to consider some small help. Self -tanning products are designed to make the tan more evident and guarantee a magnificent, even if temporary, result. There are numerous on the market, they do not stain clothes and are generally free of side effects because they are dermatologically tested.

If, on the other hand, the wedding will be held on a date that goes beyond the summer and your tan begins to decrease, the simple and effective solution is to resort to a few sessions of tanning lamps . In addition to having the great advantage of giving a homogeneous color to the whole body, devoid of signs due to shoulder pads or other clothing, the lamps allow you to have a perfect tan at any time of the year . Ask your trusted beauty center for the number of sessions recommended to get the effect you want and, if you've never tried one, ask them to do a small test on a sensitive part of the body to check the result.

 Follow our practical tips to get the bridal tan you've always wanted, without forgetting to pay attention to the care and protection of your skin!

 Thanks to these simple tips you can easily find the perfect bride perfume for your wedding and remember: a good balance between the intensity of the fragrance and the feeling of well-being that emanates in contact with your skin is always the best choice.