The Necklines Of  The Wedding Dress: All The Most Popular Models

What is one of the first elements that every woman looks at when it comes time to choose her wedding dress? 

Undoubtedly the neckline! A fundamental detail , always in the foreground, which must be adapted to the context, style and body of the wearer.

 The necklines of the wedding dress, in fact, underline what you want to enhance of your body , helping you to find the right proportions, to slim the figure, to hide the small defects and enhance your strengths.

Furthermore, the choice of the neckline of the wedding dress determines a certain type of hairstyle, makeup and accessories that must be well balanced with each other, to create a chic and refined balance. Indispensable for such an important day as a wedding.

Wondering what the perfect neckline is for you? 

The one you feel most comfortable with and that makes you feel like the bride you've always dreamed of being. Obviously, with a little help and the right advice, the choice will be even easier … that's why we are here! With our suggestions you can find out how to best enhance your figure and choose the best dress for your wedding.

 Here are the necklines most loved by brides and all the tips that will help you identify the dress that will make you say "It's him!".

  • Straight neckline
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Off-shoulder
  • V-neckline
  • Round
  • Square neckline
  • Boat
  • High neck and halter
  • Asymmetrical neckline
  • Illusion neckline

Straight neckline

Elegant and simple, this type of neckline usually does not include the use of shoulder pads, thus highlighting the neck and shoulders . It is the ideal choice for brides with toned arms and shoulders, and less prosperous breasts. It goes perfectly with any type of dress, from those with a simple and linear cut to the wider and more elaborate ones. It can be balanced with gathered or loose hairstyles based on the volume of the skirt and we recommend that you combine it with a single important jewel that acts as a protagonist.

Sweetheart neckline

Definitely the most loved by all brides , because it goes perfectly with any body and gives the typical princess lookthat is often sought on this occasion. It wraps the waistline, balances the proportions of each physicality well and makes the style of the dress even more feminine, enhancing the breast. You can combine it with a collected hairstyle if it has shoulder pads or with a semi-gathered hairstyle if it does not foresee them, and enhance it with a jewel that acts as a point of light, refined and bright.


neckline This type of neckline leaves the shoulders bare in a sensual and romantic way , and is perfect for those with nice shoulders and want to make the most of them. It adapts well to all body types and is the best choice for empire or princess style dresses. We especially recommend it to curvy brides, because it enhances their femininity in the most suitable way and can be elegantly combined with a precious necklace.


Sensual and daring, this neckline slims the figure and highlights feminine shapes . It is therefore particularly suitable for women who like to show their breasts in a refined way and who have always dreamed of wearing a delicate lace dress. Also ideal for taller brides , it is used a lot in boho chic style wedding dresses and in those with simple and flowing lines.


neckline This neckline is characterized by a usually simple, modern and austere style. It is particularly suitable for simple and linear dresses, composed of not very elaborate fabrics. We recommend it to brides who want to enhance the lean chest, while minimizing the contrast in an inverted triangle physique. Much loved by brides, it illuminates the face and lightens the figure in a very chic way. It is perfect when paired with a classic pearl necklace.

Square neckline

Its straight and linear cut makes it perfect for very prosperous women who want to wear a comfortable and comfortable neckline, able to perfectly balance the proportions of the body. If you love this type of neckline, we recommend that you find a model that harmonizes geometric lines with the softer ones, to obtain aromantic and classy look .


neckline The boat neckline adapts well to any body size and is particularly suitable for women who want to visually lengthen the bust and distract attention from the lines of the hips. It can also be combined with long or three-quarter sleeves to achieve an even more chic effect and highlight the neck and collarbones, giving the total look a vintage touch inspired by the 50s .

High neck and halter

neckline This type of neckline is commonly referred to as an American style . It is undoubtedly the most difficult to adapt to different physicalitiesof women but represents one of the most elegant and fascinating choices you can make. It allows you to play with the see-through, enriching it with lace with a tattoo lace effect, and gives a very special look to the wearer. We recommend it to brides who choose to stand out on their wedding day and who have a lean and lean body with large breasts , to make it even more balanced and sensual.

Asymmetrical neckline

Glamor and sensual , the asymmetrical neckline is particularly suitable for young brides who want a modern and sober look for their wedding, without giving up a little sexy note. Thanks to its particular shape, it lightens broad and square shouldersand it goes very well with empire-style dresses or with straight lines because it lightens the profile. If you choose to wear this type of neckline, we recommend that you combine it with a hairstyle that allows you to play with symmetries in a harmonious and fun way.

Illusion neckline

This type of neckline is also very popular with brides, because it allows you to hide the décolleté without giving up being sensual , with a graceful and refined see-through effect. Furthermore, it can be customized with all kinds of fabrics and applications: from tulle to lace, from organza to embroidery, up to precious stones. If you like this neckline, choose to combine it with a mermaid dress , which enhances your figure and elegantly defines your curves.