Second wedding dress for the reception: versatility and comfort

In recent years, many brides have made the decision to wear a second wedding dress for the wedding reception . Because? 

Often it is a matter of simple comfort , or a purely aesthetic personal desire due to the indecision between several models or the desire to show different looks to their guests.

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 Choosing to wear two wedding dresses on your wedding day is not an indication of a costly and "exaggerated" decision, instead it shows a strong personality and the awareness of a certain amount of practicality. 

In fact, you can opt for a more spectacular wedding dress for the ceremony and for a more sober and functional model, instead, to celebrate in comfort with your guests during the reception.

Do you want to find out if the change of dress on the wedding day is for you?

Continue reading the article, we will explain how, when and why to opt for this choice . 

Why choose to wear a second wedding dress for the reception? 

The first reason that drives a bride to be to consider two different wedding dresses for her big day is undoubtedly comfort . If for the ceremony it was in fact chosen to be daring with a princely dress, perhaps with a long train and a skirt composed of layers and layers of soft tulle, this could be an impediment during the reception in places, for example, immersed in nature or difficult to access such as farmhouses or beaches.

 In addition, a dress with very important volumes can be uncomfortable if you want to dance with friends and relatives. 

These and many other reasons lead us to think: why not? 

Reserving a sumptuous dress for the ceremony and a dress with a simpler and more linear cut (but equally elegant and refined!) For the reception is certainly a winning move.

 The second reason, on the other hand, is of an aesthetic type. You have tried many wedding dresses before choosing the perfect one for your wedding but there is also that other dress, so elegant and romantic, that you just can't get out of your head. 

Why not wear them both? 

If your budget allows you, you can choose two prestigious dresses to wear during the ceremony and at the reception , nothing forbids it!

 If, on the other hand, the idea of ​​wearing two wedding dresses on your wedding day inspires you but the expenses must be more contained, why not choose two wedding dresses with many economic  but equally precious and refined options that you find in the Atelier? 

In this way you can take away the whim of changing your look during the wedding but without breaking the budget that you have prescribed.

How to coordinate your bridal look

 Choosing two wedding dresses, however, requires a certain continuity of style . If you have made this decision, our advice is to always have an overview of your look declining it in two different wedding dresses that can have different shapes and lines but a single style, which stands as the characteristic fil rouge of your taste. personal and your character.

 Because? In this way , the hairstyle, make-up and accessories can perfectly coordinate with both wedding dresses without requiring further variations in your look and therefore without risking a mix of styles that could affect the overall success of the wedding in terms of aesthetics but also of "theme".

 If the theme chosen for your wedding is, for example , vintage style , you can choose two original and chic wedding dresses that always recall that characteristic charm of yesteryear. If, on the other hand, you want to look like a modern princess , choose a royal dress for the ceremony and a more casual and comfortable dress for the reception but that recalls the play of volumes and the royalty of the first look. 

Tips from our style consultants Finally, we have put together some tips for you that will help you choose the bridal look with second wedding dress for the perfect reception for you.

  •  Let's see them together: - Natural bridal
  • make-up in neutral shades
  • - Practical and simple hairstyle to keep in pose - Essential, sober and versatile
  • accessories - Wedding
  • shoes of the right height for both dresses

 As for the best model, in quality of dress dedicated to the wedding reception, we recommend the A models with a soft and flowing skirt, empire style to highlight the waist or short and jaunty with which you can move in total freedom.