Princess wedding hairstyles: elegance and charm for a fabulous bridal look

Princely weddings have always been among the most loved by brides to be with a romantic soul and tied to tradition. Elegant, sumptuous and very chic , they are the perfect solution for those who want to celebrate a fairytale wedding in a dream setting , such as a wonderful castle, an exclusive villa or a refined English garden.

Are you planning your wedding in this style? 

In addition to carefully defining each element related to the location and decorations, it is also important to think about your look and all those little details that will make you feel like a real princess ... including the hairstyle!

 Inspired by the protagonists of fairy tales and the great divas of the past,the princess wedding hairstyles complete the dresses with classic wide and fluffy skirts, with long train and precious details on the bodice, with great elegance: a real dream total look .

Can't wait to find the perfect princely hairstyle for you ? 

We suggest the most popular ones for future brides, with accessories to match to make them even more elegant and personal. To each bride her own style About her If you are a bride to be who loves traditions and is looking for a princely wedding look but at the same time simple and elegant , we recommend that you opt for a very refined braided maxi chignon

It differs from the classic chignon due to the elaborate weaves that create plays of volume, with processes expertly fixed by hair stylists specialized in bridal hairstyles. It takes inspiration from the hairstyles of ballet dancers but reworked in an even more chic and precious key , combined with absolutely gorgeous braids and accessories. For a hairstyle of this type, the length of the hair is essential but don't worry, you can always use extensions to add more length and volume , obtaining a natural and fashionable result.

 Do you love romanticism in all its forms and want to enhance it to the maximum with your hairstyle?

 Then we recommend a splendid onewavy semi -harvest , with which to obtain a bridal look that is young, jaunty and at the same time regal. In this case the best ally is the curling iron , unless you are already lucky to have some wonderful natural waves to enhance only with a professional foam. You need to give volume and movement to the hair, letting some strands fall delicately on the shoulders and frame the face. If you want to give a touch of elegance and modernity as much as possible, you can create a side semi-crop , which leaves one side of the face and one shoulder free for an even more chic and seductive look . Bright accessories to complete the look

After choosing which type of princess wedding hairstyles is best suited to your personality and your wedding, you also need to select the right accessories . This kind of hairstyle lends itself very well to the richness of bright and refined elements, so you are spoiled for choice!

 For a real princess outfit, surely the first accessory that comes to mind is a very precious diadem , the right middle ground between a perhaps too sumptuous crown and a too ordinary headband. It goes perfectly with collected hairstyles but also with semi-collected ones , integrating it with elegance and making it the protagonist of the coordinated look with your majestic princely wedding dress.

 Alternatively, you can choose some pretty hair combs , with precious gems that illuminate the face and make your hairstyle shine by giving precious points of light . They are practical and versatile , perfect for brides with short hair but also for those who choose an elaborate hairstyle with long hair: if correctly positioned and combined, they give an undisputed romantic and refined effect with vintage references.

 Do you want to be inspired by the looks of the models? 

Take a look at our selection of princely wedding dresses , you will also find many ideas for modern, regal and elegant wedding hairstyles.

How to choose the wedding hairstyle based on the neckline of the dress

The wedding dress is just one of the elements that make up the bridal look but certainly the most important. It is the great protagonist and determines not only your style but also the overall one of the wedding : how to choose the best wedding hairstyle for you? It all depends on the neckline!


Depending on the type of neckline, gathered or semi-gathered hairstyles, more or less elaborate, may be more suitable. Therefore, having chosen your wonderful wedding dress, all that remains is to follow our advice and find the hairstyle that best enhances your face, your look and the style chosen for your wedding.


Halter neckline Commonly called " halter

neck", it is a neckline thatcovers the décolleté leaving the shoulders largely uncovered, highlighting the arms and perceptually lengthening the figure. Particularly suitable for sporty women with toned arms, who love to dress with elegance without sacrificing practicality, it requires a collected hairstyle to be enhanced to the fullest.

If you want to get a classic look you can opt for an elegant high chignon , if instead you love the shabby-chic style it is better to opt for a soft medium-height chignon , to be left deliberately a little disheveled. Will your wedding have a modern and glamorous imprint ? Pair your dress with a ponytailsimple and refined, to be worn very high to highlight the face and shoulders.



neckline The bateau neckline is perfect for vintage or princely style weddings , because it is synonymous with class and distinction. Reminiscent of the neckline typical of 1950s princess dresses, it enhances the shoulders with class and femininity, and is particularly suitable for small women with small breasts . How to enhance this elegant neckline? With an elaborate wedding hairstyle rich in weaves, or simple but fluffy to give volume and capture attention on the neck and décolleté.



neckline The asymmetrical neckline isoriginal and youthful , perfect for brides who like to show an offbeat and refined style . One-shoulder dresses are characterized by a line that divides the décolleté diagonally in half, leaving one shoulder completely uncovered and the other highlighted by a shoulder strap, a sleeve of variable length or a particular application such as a jewel brooch or a bow.

If you choose to wear this type of bridal neckline, you need to pay attention to balance the alternation of full and empty given by the dress with your hairstyle: yes to side hairstyleslike a soft braid or a low ponytail embellished with bright appliqués or intertwined flowers for a romantic and boho-chic look. If, on the other hand, you prefer to emphasize the asymmetry of your dress, focus everything on a high crop , to highlight the neckline with originality and elegance.


Round or square

neckline This type of neckline is simple and chic , perfect for women who like to wear short hair . The décolleté is free from lace and embroidery but does not need to be highlighted because it is already modern and elegant in its simplicity. A dress with a square or round neckline goes well with a classic bob but also with the most original and jaunty short cuts, to be enhanced with clothespins, combs, headbands or veils for a retro style.


Illusion neckline The illusion

neckline shows super feminine and sensual plays of transparencies perfect for a romantic wedding. Versatile and modern, it requires a wedding hairstyle that highlights its characteristic see-through effect that covers the V-shaped or heart-shaped bodice in a veiled way and with great elegance.

The best choice is therefore a collected hairstyle but carried low , central or side, in a romantic way and in a bohemian style: you will get a sensual and mysterious look but also with a natural and dreamy look.



Elegant and modern, it is chosen by brides for theversatility and the femininity it transmits. From the princely models to the simpler and more linear ones, it can be perfectly combined with any type of hairstyle but taking into account the general style you want to give to your look.

For example, if you have chosen to celebrate a princely wedding and your wedding dress has a wide and voluminous skirt, prefer a precious and gathered hairstyle behind the neck . If, on the other hand, your style is simpler and more romantic you can opt for a soft semi-gathered , to be combined with a dress with a light and slip A-shaped skirt.


Sweetheart neckline

One of the most popular bride-to-be ever! It is easily distinguished by the iconic shape of the bodice, which highlights the décolleté with elegance and femininity and is particularly suitable for curvy women who like to show their curves in a chic and refined way.

The perfect hairstyle for this princess dress is the semi-collected but also leaving the hair loose in soft curls that fall on the shoulders is a solution of great charm. If, on the other hand, you want to accentuate the neckline even more, dare with a high and neat bun .


Simple, right? Thanks to our advice you will find the perfect hairstyle for your wedding and ...if you haven't found your wedding dress yet, take a look at our online selection  and come and visit us at the Atelier, we will create your bridal look together!