Practical guide to civil marriage witnesses

Civil ceremonies are increasingly frequent and present numerous differences with religious rites, which also include the role of witnesses and their responsibilities. 

Have you been chosen as a wedding witness and want to find out what your tasks will be , to contribute to the success of the event?

 Here is a small guide to orient yourself in a role full of responsibilities and emotions , such as being next to a person who is very important to you, whether it is a friend or a friend, a sister or a brother, a daughter or a son, or a close relative with whom you have a very special relationship. Who are the witnesses of civil marriages

 In this regard, it is good to specify who in particular can be chosen as a wedding witness for civil weddings. There is no precise rule or particular indications that can guide the choice, with the exception of majority age and Italian citizenship . Furthermore, for the marriage to be legally recognized, the wedding witnesses must be defined as capable of understanding and willing by actively and consciously participating in the exchange of rings and the declaration of union. The figure of the wedding witnesses, in fact, is very important and determines the legal validity of the marriage itself.

 If you have been chosen as the best man, it means thatthe bride or groom considers you a person of great trust and with whom they have a strong relationship of closeness that pushes them to involve you in one of the most important moments of their life. Take this assignment seriously and reciprocate the trust that has been given to you by showing all your support and helping to help the bride and groom in the preparations for the Big Day. 

The responsibilities of civil wedding witnesses What are the duties of a wedding witness ? 

Regarding both the civil and the religious rite, the main role is to stand next to the spouses throughout the wedding ceremony and sign the necessary documents to confirm the validity of the rite that took place.

The main difference between the two ceremonies, however, lies in the number of witnesses that can be had: in ecclesiastical ceremonies there must be two people for the bride and two for the groom, while in the civil ceremony only one witness can be chosen each . However, if the spouses wish to have more people next to them as witnesses of their civil marriage, they can do so but the documents must be signed only by one witness each, carefully selected.

 In the latter case, check with the bride immediately if you have been chosen as a bridesmaid(or best man, in the case of man) or as one of the bridesmaids; certainly it will not change your bond and your willingness to contribute with the organization of the wedding but it will allow you to have a clear understanding of your responsibilities.

 Looking beyond the obligations defined by the Law, the other responsibilities of witnesses see them as:

  • organizers of the respective stag and hen parties
  • supporter of the spouses in the wedding preparations
  • escorts in the choice of wedding clothes
  • oratories with speeches dedicated to the spouses, to be pronounced during the reception
  • entertainers of the party, involving the guests in songs, dances and games designed for the occasion

The most suitable look for civil wedding witnesses

What are the style rules to follow for your outfit? 

At the base we find the same as the other guests, that is to avoid colors such as white (reserved only for the bride, unless otherwise specified on the invitations) and black , as well as too showy or eccentric looks.

 It is essential, however, that those who play this important role distinguish themselves from the simple guests also in their look. How? For example by wearing a particular accessorythat can appeal to the newlyweds, like a small wrist bouquet with one of the bride's flowers or a belt or a shawl in the color chosen by the couple as the fil rouge of their wedding. You choose a discreet and elegant look but capable of getting noticed , remaining in good taste and without falling into excess. Browse our catalog of formal dresses  and let yourself be inspired by many models perfect for dressing the bridesmaids in a sophisticated and always up-to-date way!