Pastel-colored wedding dresses, romantic and trendy shades

On your wedding day, do you want to break away from tradition and express all your femininity and your romanticism with a colorful wedding dress?

If you are looking for a refined, colorful and trendy dress , focus on pastel shades !

A new trend that for some months has been gaining more and more ground among brides-to-be, especially as regards younger brides and those in second weddings. Powder pink, lilac, aquamarine and mint green are just some of the very refined shades from which to choose the perfect shade for your wedding, especially ideal for the spring season .

Would you like to know more? 

Keep reading the article , to discover the secrets and trends of this super-feminine bridal outfit!

Pastel shades

Total white has always been the favorite style of brides, especially if linked to traditions or lovers of classic perfection. However, the latest catwalks show a return of color , which is a means of expressing the personality of the women who choose it. Are you among them too? You have two options: opt for a strong and decisive color , with bright and bright shades or dark and modern ones; or choose to wear delicate and sophisticated shades such as those of pastel colors.

These particular shades are the ideal middle way between the whiteness of white and the daring daring of the strongest and most whimsical colors. Thanks to the light shades of pink, lilac or light blue, you can show all your charm with a refined but very natural elegance that will surely leave your future groom and guests breathless on their wedding day.

The extra idea? 

The color chosen for the dress can also represent the color of the wedding and be taken up as a common thread in the coordinated look of your boyfriend (for example the tie or bow tie, pocket handkerchief or socks) and in the decorations of the location.

The originality and essentiality of the materials

The pastel shades are characterized by a slight saturation in contrast to the great brightness they emanate , certainly they are all of great charm but are not always indicated to be the main color of the wedding dress. The shades preferred by bridal fashion houses are certainly those of the chromatic range of powder pink and ivory , to arrive at lilac and blue in the most whimsical and original models.

The soft and muffled shades are in fact ideal for enhancing with class and elegance the precious fabrics and materials that are used for the creation of wedding dresses and give a new and original look to even the most classic and minimal elements of the bridal look. As well as the lace of the bodices , which declined in its most feminine, romantic and nature-related forms gives an even more glamorous and current bohemian touch much loved by brides with a refined taste.

Feminine details to complete the look

Choosing a dress based on color, however, is not enough! It is important to know how to go deeper and define even the smallest style tricks , to create a unique and tailor-made outfit. Take into account the period of the year chosen to celebrate the wedding, the general style of the wedding and the place where the ceremony and reception will take place: they will be fundamental elements to look for in the wedding dress , to create a harmonious and harmonious whole. elegant with which to form the right atmosphere .

An example? If your wedding will take place in spring , in a bucolic and outdoor setting, choose a pastel-colored wedding dress that recalls the color of the flowers and that shows a silhouette and light embroideries in harmony with the flourishing of nature . If, on the other hand , you will celebrate your wedding in winter , you can take up the cold and romantic shades of blue in your dress, with geometric embroideries that recall the shapes of snowflakes.

Do not forget to combine a few but decisive accessories to your bridal look, and to choose a light and delicate make-up that follows the predominant shade of the dress in a pleasant and harmonious way, avoiding the most decisive contrasts to enhance your natural beauty instead. Less is more, even in color!