Light design: the importance of lighting in the wedding reception

Every wedding is remembered for the particular atmosphere that surrounds it, full of charm and romance . To create the charm, however, the right lighting of each space is essential, following the best light design techniques capable of enhancing the areas dedicated to the different moments of the wedding reception. Often this aspect of the wedding is left to the location or to the wedding planner but even a little DIY or a particularly attentive eye to detail can make the difference, and make the environment chosen to celebrate one of the days even more unique and special. more beautiful than life.

You want to create a fairytale atmosphere for your wedding? 

Follow our advice and find out how to use the best light design techniques also used by professionals in the sector! Lighting design: what it is and what it is for Any interior design project , from public to private and also in the context of wedding receptions, must pay great attention to the design of the lighting and its positioning in space . In fact, light is a very important element that influences our business, the environment that surrounds us, the atmosphere and mood at all times: it is the key to success in creating environments full of charm and emotions. 

Lighting design is the conscious design of the lighting of an environment following the analysis of all the aspects with which this can influence a space . We need to consider the type of space, the colors of the walls, ceilings and floors as well as the specific type of lights that can be used and their characteristics (such as the amount of space they can illuminate and the heat). 

The goal is to make each area pleasant but also practical , to make the people who live there always feel at ease. The best light design techniques for weddings In a wedding reception , lights create colors, shadows and shades that highlight objects and details made specifically for the occasion, which recall the theme of the wedding and enhance it with taste. Furthermore, they make the spaces comfortable and at the same time elegant and refined tailored to the location chosen by the couple. Let 's see what are the techniques to discover and apply for a dream wedding! 

Outdoor lighting: If the reception will be held outdoors or you plan to carry out only some phases of the wedding outside such as the aperitif, the tasting of sweets or the delivery of favors, you can maximize the potential of the location you have chosen. with lighting designed specifically for the outdoors. One of the most popular trends of recent years are the LED lights placed in cascades or garlands , very often fixed to the structure or to the trees in locations surrounded by nature; they are very versatile so they lend themselves well to any type of environment. 

If you love romantic atmospheres with soft lighting , you can also opt for lanterns and candles , with classic warm and welcoming tones. The extra idea? 

A relaxation corner furnished with vintage lamps, lanterns and retro-style candelabra. Indoor lighting: If, on the other hand, your reception location will be indoors, you can opt for a more elaborate light design, made up of chandeliers, cascades of softly intense lights and impressive color combinations. Green light therefore to suspension lamps , elegant and refined, with original shapes but always in theme with the environment and with delicate nuances able to match any type of furniture and wedding theme. To create localized light points, on the other hand, you can use candles or lanterns for a classic style or for essential lampshades to give a touch of modernity and class to the environment. 

The element that cannot be missing? 

A very precious crystal chandelier . The cutting of the cake: Pay special attention to this moment, the cutting of the wedding cake is one of the moments with the most emotion and emphasis of the whole day and for this reason it must be created in a perfectly decorated and illuminated space . Based on the style of your wedding and the decorations chosen for the location, create a special corner adorned with lights and candles : class and romance must be the protagonists. And finally, how to end the reception with a flourish? With spectacular fireworks , which will leave all your guests speechless!