Ideas for dressing up your bridesmaids

There are many preparations for a wedding and, often, there are no ideas for the bridesmaids' dresses . Bridesmaids' dresses are almost as important as the bride's because they follow her style. Opting for out of fashion or mediocre quality models could be the discordant note of the day so it is good to dedicate the right time to choosing the clothes for your bridesmaids.


For brides in search of tradition , dressing all the bridesmaids in the same dress and color is a practice. It is good to remember, however, that the dresses of the bridesmaids must take up a detailused by the bride, for example, it could be the color of the bouquet, while in their hands it is recommended to place white flowers as a symbol of the bride's purity.


If you have a rebellious streak and can no longer bear the sight of bridesmaids with dresses of the same color, you can opt for the choice of dresses with different shades . An original idea is to choose a color (usually that of the wedding theme) and propose as many shades as the number of bridesmaids. The result will be amazing with nuances that cover different shades. The result will be evident on the way down the aisle or in group photos, where the bridesmaids will contrast beautifully with the bride's white.


Another oneoriginal idea coming directly from the United States is the multicolored effect under the dress . Just add a layer of colored tulle (a different color for each bridesmaid or unique according to the theme chosen by the bride) to obtain a surprising and cheerful effect.


The bride can have bridesmaids at an early age . For the choice of dresses you can focus on the classic, enhancing their candid beauty with wreaths in the hair. Little bridesmaids can be given a basket from which to throw the petals before the bride arrives. A usual idea but one that keeps her magical aura intact.


If the bridesmaid is only one and is accompanied by the page boyyou can think of custom-made two identical dresses that recall with some details those of the couple. The effect will be hilarious and will make all the guests move.


Many ideas to choose the dresses of the bridesmaids , large or small, for a truly unforgettable day.