How to choose the wedding dress that suits your body?

We all already have the wedding dress of our dreams in mind and, when the Big day is set, we can't wait to browse magazines and website pages to discover the many models available and find the one that will make us even more beautiful. at the altar. It is often chosen mainly based on personal taste and wedding style but it is essential to think about how the result will be once worn. How to choose the dress that will best enhance your silhouette? Not all types of dress fit perfectly on every woman and it is therefore necessary to follow some tips to enhance your shapes according to your body type.

 The wedding dress must make us feel beautiful and at ease, we must not find defects or have doubts. Like all dresses, even bridal ones can hide small flaws or highlight strengths: find out how to enhance yourself! 

  • - HOURGLASS PHYSICIAN: Do you have shoulders as wide as your hips, generous breasts and a narrow waist? You are the luckiest! You can afford any type of dress even if surely the ones that will enhance you the most are the mermaid one , which wraps the figure opening at the knees and highlights your proportions, and the trapeze one, which enhances the waistline without giving volume to the hips and shoulders. The neckline is best asymmetrical, V-shaped or strapless. You can also choose any type of fabric, they will all look good on you!
  • - PEAR PHYSICIAN: Do you have narrow shoulders, small breasts and pronounced hips? Your wedding dress will have to rebalance the figure by focusing attention on the upper part of the body by hiding the hips: choose a trapeze dress , empire or princess style with a wide skirt and precious and elaborate details on the bustier and on the top. Avoid the halter neckline that highlights small shoulders, rather aimed at a sweetheart or deep neckline, with small breasts you do not risk falling out of style. As for the fabric, satin, silk or lace are recommended.
  •  - APPLE PHYSICIAN: Do you have a slightly pronounced décolleté and hips with a wider waistline or are you a curvy bride? The clothes that are right for you are the empire style that tightens under the bust and goes down softly along the belly and hips or, for those who want to dare with a touch of originality, a vintage 50s model with a long full skirt up to mid-calf that highlights and enhances the legs. Choose boxy, bateau or bustier necklines. Yes to structured fabrics , no to fabrics that add volume such as tulle and heavy shrugs.
  •  - PHYSICAL RECTANGLE: If you have the waist of the same width of shoulders and hips and few shapes you can enhance your slender figure with column or tunic dresses or redesign your shapes with trapeze or princely dresses: no to too tight dresses, better choose a dress that modify the silhouette emphasizing femininity. Choose a very elegant plunging neckline on the back if you have small breasts and go for flowing fabrics like lace or satin.
  •  - INVERTED TRIANGLE PHYSICAL: Do you have broad shoulders and narrow hips or an athletic physique? Aims to embellish the lower part of the dress to distract attention from the shoulders, emphasize the narrow waist with an empire-style dressor reshape the body with a mermaid dress that gives a few more curves in the hips area. Yes to very feminine and princely dresses with light fabrics. If you want to focus on the legs you can also choose a short dress, very trendy!

 Also, if you are a small bride, avoid too voluminous skirts or lengths that cut the figure, better focus on linear and soft dresses: no accessories that interrupt the silhouette such as belts. If you have large breasts choose shallow necklines or one-shoulder and focus on the legs with short dresses.

Now you are ready to go to the boutique and try on the most suitable types of dress for you, we are waiting for you!

Getting married in a short dress: our tips for choosing the right outfit for you

The choice of the dress is always the most important for the future bride, she must like the style, the material, the shape and fit you perfectly: it is the first thing that everyone will look at and it is what will make you even more beautiful on the big day.

There are many models to meet the needs and tastes of all brides-to-be: there are those who want to be a princess and choose a dress with a wide and fluffy skirt, those who focus on the timeless elegance of light long dresses with a tail, those who want to shine with a dress complete with rhinestone inserts… and then there are those who aim for a short, young and fresh dress.

Usually the short wedding dress has remained a bit muted compared to the classic long dresses but it is back in vogueespecially among the very young in 2014, the year in which the trend seems to have changed course. The doubts that arise, however, in future brides who choose the short dress is: will it be suitable for the occasion? will it be elegant enough? Will it look good on me? With small tricks the answer will always be Yes.

Moreover, a feature not to be underestimated, it makes it much easier to walk and walk the road that leads to the altar, without the risk of stumbling or being trampled on the train during refreshments.

The main feature, which makes the difference and determines good taste, is the length of the skirt: 

- Knee length: 

It is suitable for both a religious and a civil ceremony and is also recommended for more mature brides. It can be the always classic and elegant sheath dress , perhaps enriched with lace inserts or a jewel brooch, which emphasizes the shape of the body by wrapping the hips and gives an hourglass line that brings out the proportions of the body without shortening the figure. 

- Calf length : 

A cooler type of dress perhaps with a wide skirt, a tutu or 50's is suitable for very young girls, it gives a cheerful and sparkling air and a touch of originality. The full skirt is very scenic and is made refined by the materials used such as tulle, it gives a vintage style to the wedding and allows you to create the reception in a retro key. For the more mature, on the other hand, a longuette dress (also suitable for religious ceremonies), smooth or pleated, in silk or lace, with bright or simple inserts, gives the woman an unparalleled femininity and great refinement.

Absolutely to avoid a dress with excessively more than the knee length, especially if you choose to get married in church, it would be out of place and deprive the future bride of elegance.

Also remember that, with a short dress, your legs and your feet will be in the foreground and therefore the choice of shoes will be fundamental for the final outfit: we advise you to avoid the anonymous white pumps and to focus on jewel shoes that will make you shine even more.

Practical, elegant and suitable for all women.

Pronovias wedding dresses in Milan: discover the new collection

A reference point for Milan and Lombardy, Clara Couture hosts Pronovias wedding dresses in her atelier , a brand known for the quality of its garments.


The new Pronovias collection consists of wedding dresses that perfectly fit every physicality, highlighting the feminine silhouette, seducing with their shapes and details. Different models are able to satisfy the tastes of any future bride, from the most romantic to the most modern and daring one.


Dedicated to brides from all over the world, the new Pronovias wedding dress collection celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brand by offering garments that can interpret the dreams of any future bride: laces, precious applications, sweetheart necklines, princely lines are just some of the features of the new models. There is no shortage of transparency games, a real must for this year's catwalk trends. Silk, chiffon and mikado are the protagonists of the new Pronovias collection, which for the first time chooses ottoman for its garments in addition to the classic French lace.


Come and discover all the new Pronovias wedding dresses at Clara Couture's atelier, less than an hour away from Milan. We will show you all the models and recommend the one that best interprets your tastes and needs. Furthermore, our seamstresses will be able to adapt the wedding dress you have chosen to your shape, for a perfect and flawless fit.

Maggie Sottero in Milan: wedding dresses with an impeccable style

Thanks to Clara Couture's atelier, dreams come true with Maggie Sottero's wedding dresses: dresses with an innovative and superior quality design available for all brides in Milan and Lombardy.

Maggie Sottero is one of the most recognized wedding dress manufacturers in the world. The company was founded in 1997 and, over the years, has redefined the concept of bridal couture fashion while maintaining an impeccable style and an incomparable fit side by side at an affordable price.

From design studios in Sydney, Australia, and Salt Lake City, Utah, Maggie Sottero's wedding dresses reach Clara Couture's atelier near Milan. The imagination and mastery of international experts create dreams that are now wearable by brides from all over Lombardy.

The "Maggie" brides not only benefit from the experience of masters from different parts of the world but also shine thanks to the luxury fabrics, the Swarovski crystals, the hand-finished embroideries which, together, give rise to the famous effect " Maggie Magic ”.

It is possible to discover the wedding dresses of the new Maggie Sottero Fall 2022 collection at the Clara Couture atelier, not far from Milan. The new models are breathtakingly beautiful, romantic or sexy according to the tastes of each bride. Some models are enriched with timeless romantic details: soft tulle and organza for light skirts, wedding dresses that look like ball gowns with sumptuous Swarovski crystal corsets, chiffon, silks and beads for opulent finishes ... Others instead follow the trend of lace positioning it in a provocative way and creating allusive and sexy lines and necklines.

The experts of the Clara Couture atelier, near Milan, will be able to guide you in your choice and, among the Maggie Sottero wedding dresses, they will be able to suggest the most suitable for you: sexy or romantic, pale pink, metal gray, antique gold or sparkling champagne … What will your dress be on the best day of your life?

Aire Barcelona wedding dresses in Milan: high quality at affordable prices

At the Clara Couture atelier, less than an hour from Milan , you can view the entire collection of Aire Barcelona wedding dresses , a brand born in 1999 and belonging to the Rosa Clarà Group, a national and international reference in the world of brides.

Aire Barcelona wedding dresses have a quality equal to tailor-made dresses, but have very affordable prices, with a varied proposal and suitable for all types of pockets. The 2016 Aire Barcelona collection is characterized by a wide use of piqué and models with wide skirts, real sculptures of fabric. However, there are also mermaid and slipped wedding dresses, designed to enhance the feminine silhouette to the maximum. New this year are long-sleeved wedding dresses, a trend that is the protagonist of all the catwalks. Each wedding dress is embellished with precious stone decorations that enhance a single point, transforming it into the true center of the entire creation.

In our showroom near Milan you will find all the Aire Barcelona wedding dresses; our seamstresses will think about adapting the chosen dress to your physicality, a series of available accessories will crown your look to make you flawless and elegant, ready for the most important day of your life.