How to choose the wedding cake in 5 simple steps

When you think of the wedding banquet, the great protagonist immediately comes to mind : the wedding cake. Elegant, majestic and greedy, it is the right conclusion to a lunch or dinner in honor of the spouses, who see the moment of the cut as an extra opportunity to celebrate and crown the dream of a happy and lasting union together with their guests.

Choosing the wedding cake, however, is not as simple as it may seem. Multi-storey, decorated with fresh flowers or made with sugar paste, covered with icing ... the possibilities are many and it takes time to find out which is the most suitable solution for your wedding. For this reason we have decided to reveal some secrets of the sector , which in just 5 simple steps will guide you in choosing the perfect dessert for your wedding. 

1. Discover the trends of the moment 

Even if you are a bride who does not like to follow fashion, we advise you to take a look at the trends of the moment not only when choosing the wedding dress but also in selecting the ideal wedding cake for the your wedding. In addition to the classic multi-tiered cakes covered with glazes or the traditional tarts and millefeuille there are many variations that could be more for you , you just don't know them yet! In recent years, naked cakes have caused a sensation, or naked cakes, or desserts on floors without the topping in cream or sugar paste. Then it was the turn of cupcake cakes and single portions , born from an idea of ​​sweet finger food to be offered to guests in an original way and with numerous variations of tastes , taking a cue from the delicious American cakes that are also very popular in our country. 

2021, on the other hand, saw an explosion of flavors and colors with cakes decorated with fresh flowers and fruit , full of authentic and genuine flavors, declined in simple and square shapes for a minimal chic trend .able to perfectly match any type of wedding. What will be the must haves for next year? 

2. Create a common thread with the style and the wedding season

 Another very important element to take into consideration is definitely the combination with the style and the wedding season. Like every decoration and component of the wedding, the wedding cake must also be part of that subtle fil rouge that runs through each element. If the wedding is romantic and traditional , it is better to opt for a classic multi-tiered cake covered with sugar paste and decorated in pastel or shiny shades; if, on the other hand, the wedding is rustic and set in the countryside, it focuses on the most genuine aspect of one fruit tart or a millefeuille decorated with wild flowers .

 How to match the cake to the season? Simple, by choosing seasonal ingredients and colors typical of the time of year in which you will pronounce your "Yes". For example, in the spring months elegant wedding cakes are indicated, in pastel colors and decorated with fresh seasonal flowers, while in the summer months fruit is the great protagonist, with light and refreshing flavors. 

3. Don't be afraid to taste

The look of the wedding cake is important, but so is the taste! Many couples dedicate themselves to tasting the other courses on the menu, often neglecting desserts. Our advice, on the other hand, is to enjoy this moment and taste different types of cakes until you find the one that best suits your tastes and matches correctly with the other courses of the reception.

 A real journey to discover flavors and textures , asking for explanations and advice from expert pastry chefs who will guide you in finding the most suitable elements for you as a couple and for a splendid conclusion to your wedding banquet. 

4. Personalize and decorate

Just like your wedding, the wedding cake must also be original and have character . Depending on the type of dessert chosen, you can opt for different decorations that make the dessert not only beautiful to look at but also original, just like your personality.

 Yes to themed decorations , for example choosing to apply colored leaves in the event of an autumn wedding surrounded by nature or decorating it with feathers and pearls for an elegant touch absolutely in line with a vintage wedding inspired by the 20s and 30s. Top it all off with a personalized cake topper , which displays your names, a symbol that is important to you or any element that represents you as a couple. 

5. Get organized in time

Last but not least: the organization. It is an indispensable element in any wedding and also refers to the choice of the wedding cake. The ideal time to start getting an idea about the dessert you want for your wedding is about 3 months before the wedding day .

 Depending on the location chosen and the service relating to the wedding banquet (internal restaurant or catering) , you begin to make arrangements, discover flavors and trends of wedding cakes in this particular period of time before the wedding. You will have many days to clarify your ideas and make one or more appointments with the person who will make the cake to define the details and agree on the final product.