How to choose the perfect wedding dress in 5 simple steps

  • Your big day is approaching and you still don't know what is the perfect wedding dress for you ? 
  • Or do you already have in mind the style you would like to wear but are still a bit confused about which model to look for?

We know very well that the period before marriage is always very intense, full of things to do and preparations not to be forgotten. Once the date of the big day has been set , the countdown begins and, among the very important things to devote a good part of your time to, there is obviously the fitting of wedding dresses .

The choice of the wedding dress is a magical moment that you have surely dreamed of since childhood. It is neither a simple nor a quick choice, but don't panic! In addition to your wedding day, the choice of the dress is also a moment that you will remember for a lifetime, therefore, the things to do are simple: take a breath and follow these 5 tips step by step to find the wedding dress of the your dreams in no time! 

Evaluate the timing

First rule: do not leave too early and do not arrive under date ! 

We know very well that last-minute choices bring anxiety and increase the risk of error, as well as when you get ready in a hurry for a simple evening with friends. Our advice is to dedicate yourself to choosing the wedding dress between 9 and 7 months before of your wedding date. In this way you can take all the time you need to try on the clothes you want without running the risk of making a too hasty choice, or remaining in an eternal indecision for a too hasty choice. 

The result will be more than satisfactory , no doubts, no second thoughts!

Secondly, Establish the budget You may have thought about it and rethought it, but this is precisely the moment when you have to decide the budget to dedicate, not only to the dress , but also to the accessories , in particular to the shoes and the veil . In this regard, our advice is not to ruin the magical moment of choosing the dress aiming for wedding dresses that go way beyond your expectations. 

Keep your feet on the ground and start your search in a determined way: exclude solutions that are too expensive and focus on the real options that are right for you. The important thing is not to be discouraged, the dress of your dreams is right there, in the atelier waiting for you! 

Make yourself beautiful for the dress fitting The third step to finding the perfect dress is to present yourself to the dress rehearsal as beautiful as ever and with a dazzling smile . Put on a veil of makeup, not too much so you will not risk staining the clothes you try on, and if you have the idea of ​​showing up at your wedding with a high wedding hairstyle, collect your hair for the dress test too. 

Also, don't forget to wear white underwear : 

seamless panties and strapless bra. In this way you will optimize the times and you will return home satisfied with your choice and convinced that this, exactly what you have chosen, is the perfect dress for you ! Keep in mind the style of the wedding One of the choices you and your future groom will have to make before you start looking for the respective wedding and groom clothes , is to define the style you want to give to yours.

wedding , in this way, before choosing the final dress, you can always ask yourself if it suits the style of the location . If you have decided for a romantic wedding you can easily choose a princely dress , but if your wedding will be in an urban chic style , you should move more to an essential, linear, slippery , total white or ecru dress, as well as if you have chosen to celebrate your wedding in a country chic style you should prefer empire or bohemian dresses with lace inserts. follow your heart 

During the try-on of the wedding dresses you like best, you will be accompanied by your friends and relatives who are closest to you and each of them will express their opinion. 

Our advice is to welcome everyone's advice without getting confused. When you try on "your wedding dress", the one you have always wanted, the one that will make your eyes come when you look in the mirror, know that this is the perfect dress for the best day of your life! 

We hope these 5 tips will help you choose the perfect wedding dress for your wedding. Here you can start taking a look at the wedding dress designs that you find in the Atelier: we are waiting for you to create with you the bridal look you have always wanted!