How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress For You

Have you set the wedding date and are you looking for the dress of your dreams? 

There are many types of wedding dress , capable of giving more or less to each woman according to her shapes and her style. For this reason, we have prepared a short guide to lead you to the right decision starting from the basics and help you choose the perfect wedding dress for you. 

How to start your search

First of all you need to find the style that best suits your tastes and your character. Being a very personal choice, the only way you can do this is by browsing a virtual catalog of wedding dresses and saving your favorites: you can get an idea of ​​the types of clothes that exist and which models you like best aesthetically.

 Start by marking all the ones that at first glance seem wonderful to you, that immediately catch your attention and that you would like to try. Thanks to the tips you will read shortly, you can later return to your list and filter accordingly , arriving at the type of dress that is perfect for you.

 The shape of your body

After selecting the wedding dresses that most impressed you, it is essential to understand which ones can look good on you. They have to enhance your silhouette, highlighting your strengths and hiding small flaws. Each type of dress, in fact, lends itself more to being worn by certain physicists: although it remains a strictly personal choice, you can rely on practical advice.


First of all pay attention to your height . 

If you are very tall, you prefer long mermaid models with bare shoulders, or short and cheeky models. If, on the other hand, height is not your strong point, aim to slim the silhouette with empire-style dresses, mermaid dresses and A-shaped dresses. Also the volumes are not to be underestimated , they "crush" the figure and you can therefore dare only if you have medium height and you will choose to wear high heels.


If you have a Triangle body

With shoulders wider than the hips, it is advisable to opt for mermaid, princess or short wedding dresses with a sweetheart or V neckline, avoiding the halter neck or boat necklines that would enhance the width of the shoulders. If, on the other hand, your physique is pear-shaped , with hips wider than the shoulders, you can choose between princess dresses, empire style or slipped, with strapless sweetheart neckline.


Do you have an oval , Rounded body with rounded shoulders?

You can enhance your feminine curves with empire-style, slipped or princess-style dresses and slim your figure with deep V-necklines ., edgy and with hips and shoulders of the same width, opt for dresses that enhance the waistline such as mermaid or princess dresses and bateau or sweetheart necklines.

 Finally, if your femininity is reflected in an hourglass shape , with shoulders and hips of the same size and a narrow waist, you can wear any dress except empire-style ones because they would excessively mask the natural lines of your body. 

The season

Including which types of dresses might suit you best, you need to take into consideration the time of year in which you chose to get married . The wedding dresses, due to the materials they are made of and the style, are not suitable for all seasons.

 If you get married in winter, you can choose a wonderful structured dress with long sleeves : these models, in full-bodied and precious fabrics enriched with lace and bright points of light, are perfect combined with soft and warm furs or refined cashmere stoles. Is the season you have chosen spring ? You can wear dresses rich in lace and floral embroidery in a boho-chic style, or voluminous and light dresses to combine with a large bouquet and a crown of flowers.

 If, on the other hand, your wedding will be held in the summer , 

It is better to opt for a light and low-cut dress. For example, you can wear an elegant strapless mermaid dress, a princess dress with a sweetheart neckline or a refined minimal dress with stones and glitter. Finally, if your wedding will be held in autumn , enhance the magical atmosphere of this season with a dress with a dreamy allure, with A-shape or empire shapes in a vintage and very romantic style . 

The type of ceremony and the location Will

your wedding be held in a church, in town or outdoors? This factor is also very important in choosing the wedding dress. Usually, in fact, if a wedding ceremony is held in church , there is a tendency to wear important, voluminous and sumptuous clothes.. Choose a model with a long skirt, shallow necklines and plan to cover the shoulders with a stole or a lace shrug.

 Civil weddings or second marriages , on the other hand, leave more room for creativity. 

If you love short or unconventional dresses , you can choose to be daring with a colorful dress with an original style; or you could opt for an elegant and modern jumpsuit, light and structured. If, on the other hand, you have a more classic taste, why not choose to show a sober and elegant look with a two-piece suit, a suit or a tomboy-style suit. 

Don't forget that the location plays a fundamental role. If the reception is going to be princely, in a period villa or in a castle, your dress and your style will have to be equally important and sumptuous. If, on the other hand, your wedding will be held on the beach or in the countryside, you can choose a softer, slippery and lighter wedding dress for a less formal style.

 Was our advice useful to you? By following this short guide you will be able to more easily identify the type of wedding dress that is perfect for you and come to the atelier already having in mind the dresses to try on, to easily find the one of your dreams. We are waiting for you!