How and Why to choose the collected wedding hairstyle that best suits your face shape

Collected hairstyles have always been among the favorites of brides , because they represent a comfortable and versatile but also elegant and refined solution . Each woman has her own style and this type of hairstyle is able to adapt and reflect the different shades of character of each one but it is good to know how to match it also to the shape of the face, as well as to the dress and the general style of the wedding. 

The strengths of the face , in fact, can be enhanced and placed in the foreground with the right hairstyle as well as the small defects can be skilfully camouflaged or made less evident thanks to small tricks that very often go unnoticed.

 You are curious to find outWhat's the perfect wedding hairstyle pickup for you?

Here is a short guide to help you choose! Round face

A round face has the shape of an almost perfect circle and therefore has no protrusions or recesses, but rather dimensions that are almost similar in height and width. To enhance this type of traits, you need to focus everything on the slimming effect of a low crop with hair pulled back that gives volume to the roots . In this way it is possible to lengthen the face while maintaining fullness in the cheeks and balancing the shapes in a delicate and very chic way.

 Yes to a low chignon decorated with precious inserts for the most romantic, or a soft and voluminous ponytail 

For those who love modern looks

Oval face

9An oval face, on the other hand, has a vertical elongation together with a balanced proportion between length and width thanks to the small forehead and rounded chin and jaw. It is one of the traits that best suits the collected hairstyles, of any type ... so you are very lucky! 

You can choose between high or low crops, side or central, with flowers and crowns if you want to give an extra touch of personality: our advice, however, is to always opt for a collected wedding hairstyle that does not cover your face too much , leaving space for natural beauty, of which you must tastefully enhance the harmony of the features. Choose for example a side braidwith a few strands that fall on your face if you like the boho-chic style, or 

A classic high and voluminous chignon for a real princess look.

Oblong face

An oblong face looks a lot like an oval one but is distinguished by a greater length , due to more lean and tapered features . In this case, it is important to give volume in width to balance the proportions and give greater harmony to the verticality typical of these traits. Password: volume!

 We advise you to choose your wedding hairstyle from a very romantic side crop , such as a braid, a chignon or a tail, perfect for those who want to maintain a classic and very feminine look; or a very original Victorian style crop, which gives more volume to the sides of the face with braids or curls, 

You prefer to stand out with a vintage-style outfit

Triangular face

The triangular face is also called "heart" because it recalls its typical shape, or "drop" always for the same reason. Very similar to the oval one, it is distinguished by the more tapered and pointed features of the chin and by the pronounced cheekbones but well proportioned to the forehead.

These features also allow you to range between many collected bridal hairstyles but if you want to make the most of your beauty we advise you to choose a hairstyle with fringe or with a side tuft that partially covers the forehead, delicately framing the face. You can therefore opt for a soft low chignon with a side line and locks that fall on the sides of the face, or for 

Amodern bangs with high chignon to get a gritty and romantic look at the same time. 
Rectangular face

Finally, the rectangular face, on the other hand, has a more squared shape that inevitably hardens the features giving it a lot of character. It can be defined for a particularly square jaw or for a very similar dimension in width between the upper and lower part of the face.

 In this case, volume and soft shapes must prevail : delicate curls or romantic waves have the task of lightening the straight and elongated lines that characterize these features, rebalancing the face with an extra touch of sweetness. If you already have curly hair , just keep its natural volume and gather it behind the neck with a precious clip. If, on the other hand, your hair is straight and not very voluminous, we advise you tocollect them higher, volumizing the roots and letting some “curled” locks fall on the sides of the face and neck that elegantly accompany the shape.

 Follow our tips and let yourself be guided by your trusted hair stylist , experimenting and playing with hairstyles to find the one that best suits your face. Do you want to receive other tips for your wedding? Read the other articles of our blog  and follow us on social networks , every day many news about the wedding world!

Why choose a collected wedding hairstyle for your wedding?

The bridal look consists of numerous elements, which must coordinate with each other and enhance your style in a very personal way, making you the undisputed star of your wedding: from the wedding dress to accessories, from shoes to bijioux, from make-up to hairstyle… every detail must be perfect.

 Are you looking for ideas for a wedding hairstyle with long hair , or are you undecided about which hairstyle best matches the bridal look you've always dreamed of? We have collected 4 compelling reasons to choose to consider a collected bridal hairstyle for your wedding. Let's find out together!

Comfort A cozy wedding hairstyle 

It is undoubtedly more comfortable than loose hair or semi-gathered hair. Because? 

It reduces the chance of being disheveled at the most important moments of the day and during the photo shoot, and allows you greater freedom of movement during the celebrations on the dance floor or in selfies with friends. 

Furthermore, if you are getting married in the hottest months of the year, this type of wedding hairstyle will help you suffer less from the heat and will significantly reduce sweating on the neck and face area allowing you to more easily maintain your freshness and your wonderful. bridal make-up. Versatility

 The crop is very versatile and fits perfectly into any wedding dress model.

You can choose the type of wedding hairstyle you prefer from numerous possibilities, and customize it with the right accessories to create a look that speaks to you and your personality.

 A crown of flowers, a small hair clip, a tiara, a hat or a wedding veil are just some of the hair accessories that match with taste and elegance with the collected hair and that can enhance the style chosen for the wedding. If, on the other hand, you prefer a very elaborate crop or made with particular weaves, choose not to weigh it down with additional accessories, it will be perfect as it is!

Elegance If elegance will be the hallmark of your wedding, you will certainly have to choose a collected wedding hairstyle! 

Refined and with timeless elegance , it goes perfectly with a long princely veil, a tiara studded with precious stones or a small crown for a true princess look . 

Do you prefer to give a vintage

 touch to your wedding? With a collected hairstyle you can combine a beautiful hat with a net veil typical of the 50s, or an antique hair clip decorated with stones and pearls for a bon ton effect. Femininity Finally, the collected wedding hairstyles enhance the femininity of the wearer. They give a romantic and refined allure that, declined in softer and more natural hairstyles or more rigid and well-pulled, gives an extra touch of charm and delicacy. 

If height is not your strong point and if your face has rounded or accentuated edges, you should also know that this type of wedding hairstyle is perfect for slimming the figure and for elongating and refining the face . From the high to the low chignon, to the most elaborate hairstyles, you will get a chic and trendy look to celebrate your dream wedding with the style that sets you apart.