Eye makeup for the bride: how to choose the perfect one for you and also with Glasses?

Your wedding day is approaching and, among the many preparations, it's time to think about your look too . After you have found the wedding dress of your dreams and all the accessories to coordinate, it is important to decide the way you want to do your make-up: based on the style chosen for your wedding and the hairstyle, yes but not only.

The bridal makeup, in fact, must be combined with your bridal outfit but it must also know how to enhance you . 

You will be the great protagonist of the day, all eyes will be on you, and what attracts the most attention? 

The look! It is therefore very important to select the most suitable eye makeup for the bride, who knows how to illuminate your gaze and focus attention, based on the shape of your eyes.

We have collected some make-up tips and techniques that can help you choose the best bride eye make-up for you: you can make it yourself, with the help of your friends or by entrusting yourself to a professional.

Close eyes

If your eyes are particularly close to each other, you need to find a way to rebalance the proportions and give the perception of a wider gaze. The ideal solution, in this case, is the use of the chiaroscuro technique with contrasts designed specifically for you. Thanks to this technique it is in fact possible to correct and model the shape of the eyes, through edging and intense shading made with pencils, eye shadows and eyeliner.


Eyes Are your eyes far apart? It is necessary to reduce the distance by using the right make-up technique, which involves a basic choice of colors and particular attention to the shape lines. In fact, it is necessary to outline the eyes with a pencil, giving a rounded shape, and blend with a dark eyeshadow from the root of the nose without accentuating the momentum towards the temples. Mascara should be applied on the inner lashes (both above and below) and mother-of-pearl colors must be avoided, because reflecting the light they accentuate the characteristic we want to camouflage.


Eyes Protruding eyes can bring with them the formation of annoying bags that, on the day of the wedding, we want to hide and disguise. To do it in the best way, you need to stretch and lengthen the shape. Define the shape of the eye with a thin eyeliner in the inner corners and more argon in the outer ones making it point upwards, camouflage the lower lines by applying a black kajal and focus attention on the upper lids and browbones by applying a light makeup - dark faded outwards. 

Sunken eyes If your eyes are sunken your brow arches are much more pronounced and noticeable than your eyelids. In this case, the key word is to illuminate and it is necessary to attenuate the natural hollow of the eyes by preferring bright but opaque colors .

Leave the pencil aside and instead focus on shades of eyeshadow and kajal, focusing on the upper part of the eyes, without closing the lower part with obvious lines: open and liven up the gaze .


eyes Almond-shaped eyes, with angles accentuated upwards, often give a natural, rigorous and austere look . In this case, it is necessary to soften the intensity of the gaze and accentuate the oriental characteristics of the eye shape. To do this, apply a light-colored eyeshadow on the browbone and blend it down the temple, emphasize the shape of your eyes with a line of eyeliner.

Downward eyes

If, on the other hand, the shape of your eyes gives you a natural, slightly melancholy expression , open your gaze upwards and light up your face. You can do this by applying a touch of mascara only on the upper lashes and blending the last stroke of the pencil, which outlines your upper lids, upwards. Strengthen everything with a dark eyeshadow also blended upwards, only in the upper outer part, and a lighter and brighter eyeshadow in the inner part: you will give charm and intensity to your gaze.

Small eyes

The perfect make-up for those with small eyes is definitely the one that opens the gaze . The best way to achieve this effect is to lengthen the shape of the eye and the length of the lashes. Outline the edges of the upper and lower lids with a black pencil and then proceed with an upward and outward gradient, to give your eyes greater size and openness. Go for eyeshadows with light and bright colors and choose a specific mascara to lengthen and thicken the lashes.

Are your eyes big and round?

Choose an eye makeup for the bride that intensifies your gaze and makes your eyes smaller (but not too much). She plays with chiaroscuro , applying a double eyeshadow that is lighter on the inside and darker on the outside of the lids. A valid ally is also the kajal , perfect for modeling the shape of your eyesand give depth to the look: use it to stretch the eyes outwards and give even more expressiveness and sweetness to your expressions.

Have you found the right makeup for you? With our advice you will get a magnetic and expressive look, to be the beautiful protagonist of your dream and take unforgettable photographs with your sweetheart!

Make-up for bride with glasses

If on your wedding day you chose to wear glasses, out of necessity or for aesthetic taste, you will need to pay attention to some precautions that allow you to make your eyes stand out with the correct make-up for a bride with glasses. The frame can be a hallmark of your look , just like the wedding shoes, the hairstyle or the bouquet. Discover with us the secrets for a real diva bridal look!

Enhancing the look with character

Getting married wearing glasses represents a choice of style and character that reflects the personality of the wearer. Then choose a type of frame that allows you to feel at ease, not only with the guests during the reception but also with the photographer during the wedding shooting. Our advice is to select a frame with a harmonious shape , which enhances the features of your face. Having decided on the frame, it is necessary to carefully evaluate which bridal eye makeup can be matched, based on the color of the glasses, the color of your eyes, the complexion and the thickness of the lenses.

Aim on a moisturizing base (or primer) that correctly illuminates the eye area, and evens out the eye contour with your complexion to hide small imperfections and obtain a neutral base on which to apply makeup. Special attention should also be paid to the lashes, which must be thick, without lumps and correctly arched, to prevent them from touching the lenses. Pay attention to the eyebrows : define the arches well and choose a frame that naturally follows their shape, the glasses highlight the eyebrows!

A solution to each defect

Depending on the type of vision defect, the eye responds differently to the correction applied by the lenses of the glasses. If you are a farsighted bride, you will know that the eyes appear much larger when you wear glasses. It is therefore necessary to resort to small tricks that, instead of highlighting the size of the eye, make the gaze smaller without hiding it . You can apply a line of eyeliner on the upper file and a dark shaded pencil on the lower file, combined with a matte eyeshadow with lighter and brighter tones, to charge your eyes with intensity and charm .

On the other hand, if you are a nearsighted bride , your eyes will tend to look smaller (depending on the thickness of the lenses) when you wear glasses. In this case it is necessary to use a make-up that allows you to enlarge the eyes and widen the gaze. Use a light shaded pencil on the lower eye file, thicken and darken the lashes with an excellent mascara and prefer light eyeshadows with metallic and luminous shades. 

Tips not to give up

Since glasses tend to cover the eyes, natural wedding makeup is definitely not the perfect make-up for a bride with glasses. Choose an elegant and mysterious smokey eyes in light shades and show off your ace in the sleeve with a lipstick in bright and particular shades . If you want to get an effective result, contact a professional in the sector, you can agree together on your favorite shades and match them to the frame and the colors chosen for the wedding.