Expectant bride: celebrate the joy of marriage and the arrival of a new life

Are you pregnant and have you decided to get married? No problem! The wedding will be a day full of emotions, in which you will celebrate your union, but also the arrival of a new life, which in its own way will be part of such a special moment.

 The best time for the wedding

The wedding day, between celebration and celebrations, is always a tiring day. Whether you choose a civil or religious ceremony, it is a demanding event, for which you need to be in full strength. For this reason it is good to avoid weddings after the seventh month, but also in the first trimester of pregnancy. The best period is the second trimester of pregnancy, in which you will be full of energy, radiant and healthy, ready to face this day with a smile. As for the location, choose a quiet place with few rooms , while it is good to avoid the hottest days and times.

 Maternity wedding dresses

Do you think the baby bump is a problem when choosing the dress? Nothing could be more wrong: you can wear non-inflated clothes, capable of enhancing your silhouette and femininity. The number 1 requirement to be satisfied is always comfort : clothes that are too tight are to be avoided. Do not try to hide your belly with tight-fitting clothes, you would only risk emphasizing it even more, feeling constrained and uncomfortable in your movements. Rather, focus on romance, with refined looks with soft lines . Furthermore, the more elaborate and stiffened the dress by the presence of rhinestones and various applications, the more difficult it will eventually be to modify it to adapt it to the changes in your body.

 Essentiality and comfort

A suggestion is to make the baby bump the protagonist: choose clothes with essential and flowing lines. No rigid fabrics or excessive volumes. The best models? Empire - style dresses , cut under the bust, or A-line ones and slipped on the hips, but also the peplum style . Shoes must also be comfortable: you will spend a lot of time standing and the risk of fatigue is just around the corner. The new collections of bridal accessories also includeballet flats and flat sandals , but if you really don't want to give up high heels, opt for wedges or plateaus. 

From the hinted belly to the evident baby bump

If you feel comfortable and want to be original, you can choose a short wedding dress , for example in an empire style and with a soft fabric, to create a light and carefree look. If the belly is just hinted you can afford dresses with a slightly wider skirt, but always with an empire cut, or in any case with a high waistline, between the breast and the belly. Soft drapes or flounces, made with thin and unstructured fabrics, they can create movement and decoration, without creating excessive or pompous effects. As for the necklines, heart-shaped or V-shaped ones are suitable, which highlight the feminine shapes without falling into the vulgar.

 White or colored?

Getting married while pregnant is no longer a taboo, and the tradition that a pregnant bride should not wear white has also fallen. So feel free to choose the color you prefer, and remember that pregnancy is not a limitation , but a reason for joy and celebration. 

A bright and light make- up Especially if the pregnancy is advanced, a light and not very metallic make-

up is generally chosen, which does not risk irritating particularly sensitive skin. Dark colors or heavy makeup would run the risk of clashing with the sweetness of pregnancy. So choose a bright makeup, capable of enhancing yourself even in photos.

 Tips to make the most of this magical moment

  • - To avoid getting overly tired and exhausted, throw a quiet, low-alcohol party .
  • - To be comfortable even on journeys, avoid the vintage car, which often has no air conditioning and heating, in addition to having confined spaces.
  • - Any advice to better manage fatigue and stress? Delegate the organization of the wedding to the professionals, and ask your future husband for support, not only in the preparations but also on the big day to manage friends and relatives.
  • - Prepare a small rescue kit (water, sugar, handkerchiefs) to be given to your mother or a dear friend.
  • - Last but not least, leave unnecessary worries aside and enjoy this magical day !