Elegant formal suits, the 2022 trend that conquers the very young

Have you been invited to a wedding and are you looking for the perfect ceremony dress for the occasion? Today we want to talk to you about an item of clothing that in recent years has been chosen by many women, even to participate in more formal ceremonies such as weddings.

We are talking about the jumpsuit , more commonly known by the name of elegant jumpsuit , which represents an original alternative to the classic ankle-length formal dresses, as well as absolutely suitable for special occasions. The jumpsuits are essentially composed of long trousers combined with a bodice, and the ceremony fashion offers many models of elegant jumpsuits designed to bring out and enhance all the physicalities.

The guests with a slender and slender physique  can for example opt for a jumpsuit with a palace cut and complete the look with a shoe with a thin heel . Elegant jumpsuits are perfect, however, also to enhance curvy bodies : the secret to slim the silhouette without weighing it down lies in the length of the trousers , which must reach flush with the ankle, and in the height of the strictly high waist.

 Ceremony jumpsuit for day and evening

The elegant ceremonial jumpsuits are really perfect for every season and occasion , because they exist in different fabrics and colors. If the wedding you are attending will be held during the day , you can dare with plain-colored jumpsuits in a variety of colors, such as green and bright red or electric blue, up to pastel shades.

On the contrary, if the reception will be in the evening , the color of excellence - and which denotes extreme elegance - is black . However, you can also opt for suits in shades of midnight blue or with some glitter inserts , a great choice for a refined and chic style.

Elegant suits, not just plain colors

Wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding is definitely a style choice . Anyway, if you want to be even more original , we want to offer you some ideas of elegant jumpsuits alternatives to plain colors.

An original model of jumpsuit is certainly one where the bodice and trousers are in contrast with each other, almost to seem like two distinct pieces. If the reception is in the evening you can also think of daring with sequins or sensual laces , while floral prints are also suitable for daytime and more informal weddings .