Change Of Wedding Dress: Instructions For Use

The change of wedding dress is a tradition in many countries and in recent years it has become a trend increasingly followed by brides to be from all over the world , even in Italy. Do you dream of doing it too or does the idea tickle you and want to understand if it is the right solution for your wedding? We have created this short guide just for you , to help you understand if it is a choice that reflects the style of your wedding and guide you in selecting the most suitable wedding dresses.

 The wedding dress change, in fact, must be thought very well and studied in every detail. The reasons for choosing a wedding dress change

One of the most recurring reasons why brides choose to wear two wedding dresses on their wedding day is certainly the wow effect they want to achieve in front of the groom and the guests. The bride's entry into her magnificent dress that is so admired can be repeated twice throughout the day and make you even more the protagonist .

The second reason why brides usually want to change their dress is purely practical: to dance ! 

If the wedding dress chosen is, for example, princely or in any case very "bulky" in terms of volume, it will be difficult to go wild in the dances with the groom and the guests. The solution is ready,a second wedding dress that is simpler and more comfortable but always elegant and in line with the wedding style. The right moments for the wedding dress change If you choose to change your wedding dress during the day, it is good to foresee the right time to do it because this decision will also be reflected on your look in the wedding album. 

We recommend: - The cutting of the cake , for a fairytale entrance in one of the most awaited moments of the wedding; - The reception , with the change immediately after the wedding ceremony for a second entrance (from "wife" this time) that leaves everyone breathless; -

The final celebrations, to be able to have fun and let loose with friends, ending the day in style. 

Remember, the wedding dress change does not necessarily include the change of accessories and shoes but you can choose two wedding dresses that match well with the accessories you will use throughout the day, if you wish. If, on the other hand, you want to show off a completely new look, go shopping! Practical advice The first suggestion we want to give you is: if you decide to buy two wedding dresses for your wedding, pay attention to choose two models that are always "bridal". The temptation to choose a very elegant colored evening dress as a second dress is strong but be careful, you risk confusing yourself with the other guests! Rather, choose a second dress that, by color (for example the classic white) or by shape , always recalls the wedding style and identifies you as the protagonist of the day .

Secondly, we advise you to choose two wedding dresses that refer to each other , are in theme with the style of the event and that demonstrate a different importance based on the time of day in which you decide to change. 

For example, if you choose to wear a princely dress for the ceremony, at the reception you can opt for a short modelbut always with a voluminous skirt and perhaps in the same fabric as the other dress. If, on the other hand, you are going to wear a glittery dress or with bright inserts, choose a model that presents these original details but with a simpler and more minimal line as the second dress.

 Finally, the advice that applies to all brides whether they choose one or two dresses to wear for the wedding: choose a model that enhances you and that always makes you feel at ease .