Ceremony suits: guide to choice and combinations for a refined look

If you are tired of wearing traditional formal dresses to attend special events and occasions, the chic and modern alternative is the formal suit . A timeless item of clothing, which has been able to resist fashions, styles and cultures: it has always embodied elegance, femininity and class capable of perfectly matching important occasions such as weddings and other events that require a formal dress code.


It is a real symbol of feminine refinement and sobriety and is increasingly chosen by wedding guests as an outfit to show off with personality and good taste. Can't wait to wear it too? We guide you to discover this exclusive item of clothing, between history, bon ton rules and the latest trends. The history of the women's suit

The term “Tailleur” defines in French the artisan tailor , who originally made the classic three-piece men's suit; and it was a man, John Redfern, who declined this type of feminine dress by making the first women's suit in 1885 for the Princess of Wales, conceiving it as an informal dress to wear in the morning coordinated with men's accessories such as waistcoat and tie.


Already in the seventeenth century among the garments of the most elegant ladies was the "hongreline", a suit made up of a pinned jacket with a belt closure at the waist combined in color and fabric with a long skirt, but it was only from the end of the nineteenth century that the current dress took shapetwo / three pieces consisting of an iconic jacket combined with a skirt, a linear dress or comfortable trousers. In the twentieth second it is instead enhanced by designers such as Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent and Armani , who have declined it in many chic and original models, bringing it back to the fore and defining a new style dedicated to modern and independent women .


You know that the suit has always represented the symbol of female emancipation? 

It was in fact worn in a trouser model by actress Sarah Bernhardt in 1877, scandalizing the Parisian bourgeoisie and nobility, and even actresses with strong personalities such as Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford loved to wear it on several occasions, despite being commonly considered a scandal. Today it is a fresh, current and modern garment, indispensable in every woman's wardrobe not only for the office but also for attending elegant events such as weddings. 

The ceremony suit You want to stand out with a look full of class and charm? 

If you have been invited to a wedding and you don't know what to wear, this is the right opportunity to change and opt for a very elegant suit. The models to choose from are many, you just have to find the one that best suits your style and personality.


The first step is to evaluate one's physicality and choose the model with skirt or trousers based on the strengths to be highlighted and the defects to be camouflaged. For example, palazzo or flared trousers slender the figure and are perfect if worn by tall and slender women, while tight cigarette trousers give more to short women with some extra shape. If you choose to wear a model with a skirt, instead, pay attention to the length: slightly above the knee if you want to slim the silhouette or below the knee for a more sophisticated look.


The shape and length of the jacket is also a very important element in the choice of the ceremony suit. If you have a curvy physique , choose a model with a jacket that covers the hips and instead emphasizes the waistline under the bust; or if you have been invited to an evening event, you can opt for a suit with a jacket full of bright applications or sequins that will make you shine but always with taste. 

Which color to choose for a wedding?

 As a guest, you must definitely exclude white except for total white weddings where the bride and groom themselves ask for this particular dress code. Better to evaluate a lively and elegant color such as green, red or fuchsia if the ceremony will be held during the day, or choose a sophisticated color such as midnight blue, purple or black for an evening reception but always making sure to have some light points that lighten the look. Furthermore, one of the latest trends is to wear pastel colors : if you have a romantic and very feminine personality, the perfect colors for you are lilac, baby blue and powder pink.


Let's see now the accessories . Among the most popular for a women's trouser suit we certainly find the décolleté , a strong point of the look that could also become the protagonist. If you choose to wear this kind of suit, in fact, you have to be very careful to dose the accessories because it is an outfit in itself already very rich. Bet everything on a pair of light and bright earrings or on an elegant choker but nothing more.



Have we intrigued you and you can't wait to find the perfect wedding suit for you?