6 beauty steps that the bride must take absolutely before the big day

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and romantic moments in life, but it can be very stressful if you do not arrive at the day of the fateful yes prepared and organized. As for the bride, for example, there are important beauty steps to be taken before the big day to get there with serenity and above all in the best shape. 


Let's see together 6 beauty steps to do absolutely:

1. Six months beforeof the wedding it is advisable to make an appointment with the hairdresser who will help you prepare your hair for the happy event. Many hairdressers recommend a nourishing course of about two weeks based on natural products such as linseed and argan oil. You can also decide the hairstyle that you will show off on your wedding day to be as you have always dreamed of.

2. Four weeks before the event, take care of your skin by doing scrubs and peels all over the body and drinking herbal teas that will help you cleanse. An excellent idea is to relax in a spa by dedicating a whole weekend to both external and internal well-being.

3. Seven days beforeit's time to think about waxing. It is a sore point and also a bit painful, but you cannot do without it. Don't forget to wax your fingers too so that the flash lights don't show unsightly hair!

4. Five days before , put your fear of the dentist aside and undergo a thorough cleaning of your teeth. In this way your smile will be radiant and you will dazzle everyone present with your luminous happiness.

5. Two days before the big day you will need to heal your hands and feet. To avoid manicures with too showy or aggressive reconstructions. Yes to soft colors like pink, peach, white or French manicure.

6. We are the day beforeof your wedding. The preparations are over, the flowers have been ordered and the relatives are preparing to celebrate. Tension and nervousness are skyrocketing so it is good to indulge in a nice relaxing and anti-fatigue massage that will help you put stress aside and rest in the best possible way so as to be radiant on the most beautiful day without having to cover unsightly dark circles.

By following these very important beauty steps you will take care of yourself on all levels, and you will experience the ceremony beautiful and full of energy!