5 things to know about bride makeup

Make-up plays a decisive role in bringing out the beauty of the bride on her wedding day, a well-studied and quality make-up allows every bride to appear radiant and luminous for the most beautiful day of her life. For this reason we want to provide you with a small list of tricks to be implemented once you have chosen your makeup artist, and which will avoid making you run into unsatisfactory results.


1.       Get an idea of ​​what your makeup will look like without being influenced by anyone

All the work of the make-up artist will orbit around a very specific idea: yours. The makeup must reflect what you have in mind, reflecting your taste and your style. Dreams and expectations revolve around the bride's make-up, for this reason it is very important that you first get an idea of ​​what you would like without anyone else influencing your choice.

Look for photos and images that you like, get a personal idea and then look for information on makeup artists in your area, perhaps participating in days organized for brides in beauty salons or wedding fairs. Once you find the make-up artists that inspire you most, ask for a portfolio of photographs of brides made up by them, perhaps with a “before” and an “after”: you will more easily understand the professional that's right for you.   


2.       Make-up in tune with the style of the dress and hairstyle

Once you have chosen the make-up artist or make-up artist that's right for you, show him the photo of your dress and also show him the hairstyle you would like to wear so that he has a complete picture of what your final wedding style will be. In this way it will be easier for the professional to study a make-up in line with everything else.  


3.       Do the make-up test

To do absolutely, at least a month before, is the make-up test. It will allow you to establish the best result with your make-up artist without arriving on the wedding day with the surprise effect. Some professionals make up half as you would like, and half as he would. By doing this you will immediately grasp the differences and you will be able to choose the best result with greater awareness. In most cases, your makeup artist's version wins!


4.       Take care of the skin at the right times

Always one month before the big day, you have to start taking special care of your skin. Maybe your beautician or your trusted beauty consultant can draw up a tailor-made program to prepare your skin for professional make-up. Together you will plan when to take care of facial cleansing, when to carry out a moisturizing treatment, and in the last 30 days you will avoid lamps and you will be very attentive to your diet to avoid the appearance of unsightly pimples.


5.       No to making mustaches and eyebrows on your wedding day

Make-up is much more effective if the face is well shaved as well as clean, but don't dare to remove the unsightly facial hair on the morning of the wedding, perhaps just before applying the make-up! Redness and irritation are always around the corner and can be accentuated if not particularly delicate make-up is applied on top. The hairs around the lips and sides of the face must be removed a few days in advance and the eyebrows must be long enough to be removed creating the desired shape (at least 3 weeks of growth). Timing, in these cases, is essential!