3 tricks to find the right Summer wedding dress

Have you decided to get married in the summer and are you looking for yo

ur wedding dress ? 

Each dress has its season and the good news is that the warm months offer future brides a huge choice of light and refined dresses , which will make one of the best days of your life not only unforgettable but also comfortable. 

The first rule, in fact, is always to choose a comfortable wedding dress that makes you feel free to dance and move without thinking about the dress you are wearing or the high temperatures. In the end you know, if your dress creates some bad mood you will not only notice it but you will also transmit it to the outside. 

 Our advice, therefore, is to start with the choice of fabricand then move on, immediately after, to the cut of the dress and select the styles that best enhance your silhouette and that make you feel elegant and loose at the same time. Do not forget, of course, the accessories : they are the essential elements that will make your look complete and flawless.

 Here are 3 things to consider to be a perfect summer bride . Let's see them together! 

1. The fabric To avoid suffering from the summer heat, you must first select light, airy and breathable fabrics, avoiding the more structured models made of mikado, piquet or velvet. 

What are the ideal fabrics for your summer wedding dress? 

Definitely organza, tulle, charmeuse, chiffon and lace. Organza is one of the most used fabrics to create wedding dresses, excellent for making wide and soft skirts without giving weight to the dress and, therefore, perfect for summer weddings with a princely style . The same goes for tulle , light and breathable, ideal if you want to wear an extravagant and fluffy dress even in summer without fear of high temperatures. The charmeuse silk fabric , in addition to being light, is also soft and bright, delicious and perfect if you have chosen to get married in the summer, spring or autumn. The chiffon, on the other hand, it is a fluctuating and very light fabric, very delicate and transparent, ideal if the dress of your dreams must have flowing and soft lines and if you want to show off an almost ethereal look. And if you want to embellish your wedding dress with refined details, lace embroidery is that detail that will make your summer dress even more chic. 

2. Style and color In summer, more than in any other season, there are many models and styles of wedding dresses to choose from, not to mention the necklines: 

V, sweetheart, boat, strapless ... they are all allowed! You can opt for a mermaid summer wedding dress to be super sensual, or an empire style dress made with very light and almost semitransparent fabrics, or you can dare wearing a short dress with an asymmetrical skirt, shorter in front and with a long train behind.

 Furthermore, to give a touch of originality and brightness to your dress, you can decide to apply glitter and beads or even think about wearing a colored wedding dress , choosing a delicate pastel color, such as sand, lilac or soft pink. . 

3. Accessories To make the bridal outfit impeccable , it is essential to complete the look with the accessories that the case requires. For the bride , the main accessory is shoes and for a summer wedding, there are so many alternatives. 

 In addition to the classic décolleté , modern brides who get married in the summer love to wear open shoes that combine elegance, refinement and comfort. Let's talk about the beautiful jewel sandals , which go perfectly with short wedding dresses and mermaid dresses. 

 If, on the other hand, your dress does not require a specific model of shoes, you can choose to wear a pair of flat wedding shoes or, alternatively, you can always think of a double pair of shoes, one for the ceremony and one more comfortable for the reception, so you can fully enjoy the best day of your life.

 Among the accessories that will perfectly complement your summer wedding dress there are also jewels , preferably small discreet and sober points of light, and a veil to wear during the ceremony, as long as it is light so as not to make you feel too hot.