2022 wedding dresses: The Romantic Style Focuses on the Bodice

If if you are looking for your dress, you are certainly discovering the 2022 wedding dress trends . Bridal fashion 2022 evolves on the line of a modern romanticism . The princess style is transformed and shifts the focus from classic voluminous skirts to precious and sensual bodices. Ready to discover the news?

Effect I do not see

In the 2022 wedding dresses, sensuality is played on the bodices, more and more often made fanciful by nude effects and tattoos , which let the skin glimpse through lace and embroidery that adhere like a tattoo. Among the main brands, Nicole Spose and Aire Barcelona apply these sensual transparencies in small doses, without falling back into vulgarity. Strategically placed, the lace embellishes the figure and the dress.

Back protagonist of plunging necklines

Among the trends in bridal bodices, the back becomes the protagonist of deep and sensual necklines , skilfully highlighted and shaded by the edging of light and refined lace. The straps continue on the back and end at the bottom with V, rounded or square necklines. The result is a romantic, refined and chic look , to be combined with a collected hairstyle that enhances the back.

Bright details

The bodices of the 2022collections combine transparency with plays of light. Beads, points of light and stones set in focal points of the dress, embellish the look of the 2022 bride. Precisely positioned luminous inserts emphasize well-defined points of the dress, such as straps and necklines, emphasized by jewel-effect decorations , which in the case of the bare backs can cascade with great scenic effect.

Bohemian or mermaid style?

As anticipated, what distinguishes this new princess style from traditional dresses is the skirt, which loses volume while gaining sophistication. For those who want an ethereal and light look, the perfect dress will have a bohemian skirt, soft, slippery and with few and light decorations, which will leave the transparency and details of the bodice as protagonists. If, on the other hand, you are dreaming of a seductive style , go ahead for dresses with tight-fitting and wraparound skirts, mermaid or semi-mermaid, in this case with the possibility of decorations and laces also on the skirt.

The lingerie to wear

The choice of bridal underwear is important to support and shape the body, but it becomes even strategic when wearing a dress with transparencies and deep necklines. The underwear must in fact enhance the silhouette, while remaining hidden and discreet. When the necklines on the back are deep, the choice can fall on self-adhesive cups, but sometimes the dresses are already equipped with internal supports for the breast. As for the color, although white is the must-have color for the bride, under dresses with transparencies the powder or flesh color is more appropriate .

Boho-chic wedding dresses: romance and elegance for the 2022 bride

If until a few years ago wedding dresses made of volumes and excesses reigned supreme, today more modern trends have established themselves, which mix the most essential vintage and green styles , but which are also enriched with bohemian and hippy elements . The boho style was born about fifteen years ago in the USA, and is also confirmed in Italy as one of the protagonist styles for the 2022 bridal collection

 A little bohemian, a little chic

Bohemian elements, which partly refer to vintage, are interpreted in a modern key from all bridal brands, which populate dresses with straight lines but very soft to the touch and movement. Refinement and romancecome together in boho-chic wedding dresses, perfect for modern brides looking for a romantic style, but dream of a peculiar, contemporary and sophisticated dress , which goes beyond the classic princess-style dresses.

Which boho-chic wedding venue?

A touch of freshness and sweetness distinguishes the boho wedding dresses, ideal for young brides and for enchanting but alternative locations . If you are organizing a boho chic style wedding, you will surely be thinking of gypsy, country and informal elements, but certainly also chic and elegant. Boho chic locations are certainly informal places or places that prefer outdoor space, but also natural places such as beaches, woods or countryside places.

Fabrics and models of boho wedding dresses

The watchword for a boho chic dress is softness : soft fabrics such as silk are combined with very fine Chantilly or macramé lace , and transparencies that mix sensuality and romanticism in the much appreciated tattoo effect wedding dress. Organza is also the protagonist for the 2022 bride, light and impalpable, enriched by the combination with floral designs and embroideries, sometimes fairytale.

New concepts of volumes and necklines

After many years of protagonism of the strapless sweetheart bodice, the bridal décolleté is emphasized with deep and thin necklinesfinished in lace, elegant and never vulgar. The straps become the ideal continuation of the dress, often giving rise to deep necklines also on the back .

Boho wedding dresses are based on a new concept of volume : no more clean and defined volumes, but soft games that give movement thanks to the ruffles and light fabrics. Among the 2022 boho bridal collections there is no shortage of revisited mermaid dresses, and bold slits.

 Enhancing femininity with elegance

The soft and flowing fabrics gently enhance the silhouette, which is also embellished through the application of bright details. Crystals and beads in tone with the dress or transparent, but also contrasting stones, give light and a precious touch to the dress. These details enhance the silhouette and lines of the dress, thanks to the sophisticated application along the straps, on the waistline or in the deep décolleté.

Trouser wedding dresses: a stylish trend

Pants are now a real must in the last year's bridal look and also imposes itself in 2022 as a great trend and style trend. Who said that the wedding dress must necessarily be made of layers of tulle and lace, declined in full princess or mermaid skirts? If you love to wear trousers and want to wear them on your wedding day too, discover all the trends and models of the new collections for a glamorous look of sure effect.

The models of wedding dresses with pants

The 2022 wedding fashion has imposed the trend of wedding dresses with pants but it is 2022 that consecrates them as a must of the season, showing on the catwalks all over the world a strong bride, with character and outside from the schemes: a bride who is not afraid to break with rules and tradition. You then give the green light to decisive and unconventional looks that also include the use of models with trousers, declined in numerous elegant and original types.

 The most classic choice certainly falls on the wedding trouser suit : 

Composed of three independent elements, it gives an iridescent and refined look to the woman who decides to wear it. The trousers can be soft and wide or cigarette with a central fold for a tomboy chic style , while the jacket can have a short cut that elongates the figure or a long cut that covers any imperfections and gives a lot to more mature brides.

 For modern and fashion-conscious brides we recommend the ijumpsuit models , sensual and feminine. This type of dress allows you to lengthen the figure and, in the case of the one-shoulder model, gives a romantic look with a hint of sensuality . With palazzo trousers, linear and clean, or with lace inserts, plunging necklines and jewel applications ... there is plenty of choice.

 Another style that you can choose is that of the broken suit , real combinations of trousers and tops that vary from lace to crop tops, from embroidered blouses to soft silk tank tops. Not only for civil weddings or as a second outfit, they represent a smart alternative and can also be worn subsequently broken up and reinterpreted.

 In precious fabrics enriched with embroidery, jewel and pearl inserts, structured or soft, the wedding trouser dresses are really numerous and very elegant, suitable for every type of bride. 

Dictated by a sophisticated desire to change and amaze, they respond to the canons of wearability, glamor and originality , the real strengths of trouser suits: an increasingly popular choice among brides who love a modern and chic look.

The wedding dress test: who to bring with you?

The choice of the wedding dress is challenging and exciting, there are many expectations and we can't wait to try all the models so admired online and in magazines. In such an important moment you need to have the right people next to you , who know how to advise you with sincerity and affection . Who to take with you to try on your wedding dress? By following our advice, also dictated by experience, you will be able to make the best choice. Mum Mum is always mum. Who better than her can help you in choosing your wonderful wedding dress? She has always known you and has been present in every important moment of your life, advising and guiding you in difficulties. Her presence will undoubtedly be reassuring and indispensable . 

Moreover, thanks to the great confidence between you, he will be the most critical and objective person you can have at your side: with a single glance you will be able to understand what he thinks and he will not hesitate to tell you immediately if a suit is bad for you or does not reflect the your style. 

  • Close family members 
  • Sisters, 
  • daughters, 
  • cousins,
  •  aunts, 
  • grandmothers, 
  • grandchildren… 

If you have a special relationship with a close family member, or more, why not ask her to accompany you to choose the dress of your dreams? 

Having known you practically forever, she will be able to advise you best: she will be able to provide you with an honest and decisive opinion , without being afraid of offending you or hurting your feelings. Only involve the people you care about the most and that denote a strong good taste in terms of style and fashion, with their help you will be able to find the perfect dress for your wedding. 

Best friends How could your best friends be missing?

 Sharing such a special experience, like choosing a wedding dress, will strengthen your bond even more . Are you afraid that inviting your friends will make the situation chaotic and unprofitable? Point out that this is a very important event, and that you need their support and their critical sense to make the best choice: they will be happy to help you and will advise you with sincerity and affection. The future mother-in-law

If you and your future mother-in-law have built a strong and sincere bond, you may want to consider inviting her to try on your wedding dress. 

Knowing her son well and helping him in the search for her wedding suit, she will be able to advise you to identify the right style and enhance your look from a more objective point of view. If, on the other hand, you do not have a close relationship, it is better to avoid involving her, so as not to have any kind of awe or embarrassment in such an important and exciting moment of your life. One or more men in your life

Who said a man can't help you choose your wedding dress? 

Your father, your son, your brother, your best friend… if she is a very important person in your life and you want to share this moment with her, nobody will stop you from doing it! You will have a trusted person next to you, who will be able to advise you in the best possible way without fear of telling you what he thinks, and above all: he will bring an opinion from a male point of view on your look , which never hurts. 

The latest tips Whoever you choose to take with you to try on the wedding dress, it is essential to set a limit on the number of people: 

three is the ideal number but you can reach a maximum of five if you consider it essential.

Having too many people around, and therefore too many different points of view, would risk confusing you and making such an important event a source of stress that would be best avoided. Only select the people you care about most , trust blindly, and really want to surround yourself with.

Finally, don't forget to get help from those who will follow you in the atelier : thanks to their experience and their trained eye, they will be able to recommend dresses that you would never have imagined would look so good or show you the perfect accessories to complete your bridal look. An expert and objective look is a precious and indispensable help.

Alternative brides: ideas for a different and original look

Don't you want to give up on an original and unconventional look for your wedding ? 

Choose to be daring with an alternative wedding outfit, where your personality and uniqueness will be the protagonists. If the classic wedding dress is not for you, you can find numerous alternatives equally refined but decidedly more particular : the latest trends celebrate modernity with risky bridal looks, from head to toe. We have collected some ideas to create a unique and original wedding, for you who love to dare and show your personality, let's discover them together!

 The dresses for alternative brides

Choosing among the numerous proposals of the best brands can be really difficult, the new collections are in fact full of models that are increasingly original in shape and color. If you want to wear an alternative to the classic mermaid or princess wedding dress, you can focus on structured models with irregular shapes that give a very refined but also refined look. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to focus on color, you can indulge yourself by trying a black dress , very chic, or red , passionate and impactful. 

Do you feel rock? 

Why not focus on a full Rockabilly style dress, from the typical 50s shapes with a wide skirt up to the knee to be combined with ton-sur-ton patterned stockings, colored shoes and themed printed scarves. Aren't skirts for you? The perfect wedding dress for your wedding is the jumpsuit , modern and linear, or a classic trouser suit , which represents an increasingly popular alternative for civil weddings.

 Take a look at our collections , you will find many original dresses that reflect your personality.

 That extra touch: shoes and accessories

Accessories and shoes allow you to make the wedding outfit truly complete, giving even more style and character to the chosen dress. If you want to wearshoes capable of getting noticed , choose elegant models but whimsical in shape or color: décolletés in bright colors can be an excellent solution, as well as jeweled sandals with particular shapes. 

Can't you give up on comfort? 

The bridal sneakers , then, are the right solution for you! Comfortable and chic at the same time, they represent a choice of young and unconventional style, at the expense of traditions.

 If your wedding will be held on the beach , choose to wear practical and elegant ultra-flat flip-flops:

 combined with a jewel anklet and a refined foot ring they will give class to your look. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to celebrate a wedding in full country style, green light to boots! You will be able to wear the typical pointed Texan model, with floral and romantic embroideries that make the outfit elegant and fashionable. 

All other accessories are to be selected carefully, based on the bridal look you want to achieve and paying attention to correctly balance the elements as a whole . Originality does not mean kitsch. For example, if your dress is structured and you have focused on extravagant shoes, you can be daring with a pair of large dangle earrings or a whimsical hat in full English style. 

Did you choose a very elaborate dress? 

In this case it is better to resize the accessories, choosing small and discreet elements that do not excessively affect the outfit.

The train of the wedding dress: pros and cons

You already have in mind what type of wedding dress you will wear on your wedding day but a doubt still assails you: better with a train or without?

Since childhood we have always imagined wearing, in the future, the princely dress of our dreams, with a long train for a truly breathtaking scenographic look . Having to deal with reality, however, it soon becomes clear that a dress with a train could be a hindrance or it could not match one's shape and the style chosen for the wedding. How to understand if the train of the wedding dress is suitable for your wedding outfit or if it turns out to be only a negligible detail? We have compiled some tips for you!

Why choose the train

The main reason for choosing to wear a wedding dress with a train is undoubtedly the beauty and the poetic and romantic allure that this element brings with it. 

If you want to wear a dress that makes you feel like a fairytale princess and the undisputed star of your wedding, you absolutely cannot give it up. The train, in fact, has no specific function but is inserted into the wedding dress solely for aesthetic and stylistic purposes. It goes perfectly with any style , from the most traditional and rich in detail to the most modern and essential, and allows you to create unique and sumptuous photographs . Yes to the train, therefore, if your wedding will be pervaded byromantic atmospheres declined in a classic castle or in a charming old villa with gardens and frescoed walls. 

How to wear it in the best way? 

If the choice of the train is perfectly in line with your tastes and the style of the wedding, you need to think about the practical side . 

Choose a length suitable for your height : for example, if you are not very tall and you will not wear high heels, do not choose an excessively long train that could therefore give the perception of crushing the figure. Furthermore, based on the importance of the train you will wear, you will have to provide one or more bridesmaids who will accompany you during your arrival at the altar and who will help you manage it during the ceremony and the celebrations.

Why not wear it

The train certainly has a great aesthetic appeal but from a practical point of view it represents an important obstacle to comfort . The greater the length of the train, the more impediments you will encounter in your movements ; and don't forget that it carries with it a weight , greater depending on the length, that you are not normally used to carrying. In addition, you will often have to ask bridesmaids or pageboys for help to manage this cumbersome element not only when arriving at the altar but also in the case of stairs or moving in tight and intricate places.

Have you chosen to celebrate your wedding outdoors, perhaps in the countryside? 

In this case, a long train will certainly get in your way: it could get caught on small twigs or bushes, and it could get damaged by crawling on the ground. 

After the ceremony and the wedding reception, are you looking forward to go wild and dance with your husband and your friends? 

Remember that with the train you will not have much freedom of movement , you could trip or trip those around you, and it is not pleasant to have to give up this fun.

After analyzing the pros and cons, you just have to make your decision based on what makes you feel most comfortable, which reflects your personality and the style chosen for the wedding, and which will allow you to feel free to be yourself and to spend your most special day serenely.

One last piece of advice. 

If you want to wear the train, make an entrance in style and scenographic photographs, but do not want to give up comfort, choose a dress with an over-skirt and a removable train : you will get a refined and iridescent look and it will be like wearing two different dresses to yours marriage!