2022 Trends For Wedding Dresses With a Wow Effect

Those who will get married in 2022 and want a dress that amazes, cannot fail to appreciate the proposals of the major brands in the sector, with new trends capable of leaving everyone speechless.

 Cloak: the new veil

Are you looking for a modern and chic replacement for the veil? The watchword is "cloak"! An original and refined accessory that will distinguish you, perfect for warming autumn or winter brides with great taste . Soft and smooth or embroidered fabrics, opaque or semi-transparent, with a length that can vary from half figure up to solutions with a train. There is a cape suitable for every bride and every dress.

Shoulders in the foreground

If you want to be innovative, forget the sweetheart neckline, the protagonist of recent years, and choose a dress with aBardot neckline . The shoulders, left uncovered, are a hyper feminine element, which gives sensuality without being excessively sensual or vulgar. It is the ideal setting to highlight bright jewels , such as light spots on the décolleté or eye-catching earrings, which would thus find the right space, without appearing overabundant.

A new romanticism, between softness and transparencies

Romanticism is not lacking in the new collections, recreated thanks to fabrics that appear more natural and spontaneous than the structured mikado or jaquard. Soft and light skirts are combined with more constructed bodices, which sculpt the bust and décolleté with elegance and femininity. An ethereal look is also brought out thanks to games oftransparencies and lace , which can make even the simplest dresses fanciful, enriching the sleeves, back or neckline with tattoo effects, or overlapping with layers of opaque fabrics or the inevitable tulle. 

Effect details

There is no shortage of jewel dresses , which stand out thanks to the skilful combination of impactful decorative elements: sequins, fringes, feathers, floral applications, but also real jewels and precious stones. Elements that can be used individually, for example by decorating only the back of a linear dress or embellishing a shrug, or applied in combination with each other, for clothes worthy of a jewelry.

Trend reversals

If you want a dress that is truly a turnaround, however, what is right for you is a long- sleeved dress . In addition to being the ideal choice for those who get married in the cold season, the long sleeve is a sophisticated element capable of slimming the figure. Long to the wrist, three-quarter length or French style, tight or loose, plain or decorated, the sleeves are a versatile and highly customizable element. Another new trend that contrasts with the classic wedding dresses is the two-piece , an informal dress that does not give up on elegance. It is a perfect model for civil ceremonies or celebrations in alternative contexts such as beaches or natural environments, but also for modern and dynamic brides, who want to feel themselves on their big day.

 Always valid advice

The new trends for stylish wedding dresses are truly vast and fascinating. 

Getting involved in the enthusiasm and falling in love with the dresses of the new collections is really easy, but there are elements that should not be forgotten when choosing a wedding dress. 

First of all, the place of the celebration and the location of the reception determine a specific dress code:

In the Church it is better to cover the shoulders, while for civil rites the pompous clothes are out of place. Another tip is to follow your own tastes, however, always taking into account one's physicality and age. 

Last but not least, the wedding will be your big day and you will always remember it: 

You deserve to wear a dress that makes you feel beautiful and at ease. Listen to the advice of others, but give priority to your emotions and feelings !

Curvy wedding dresses 2022: all the tips for a look that enhances the curves

Are you looking for the perfect wedding dress, but your curves seem like a problem to you? 

Don't worry, just follow a few guidelines, and you will find the perfect dress for your silhouette!

Every female body has its own strengths and weaknesses, the trick is to know how to value the former, and face everything with positivity.

 First step: dresses to avoid

Thinking about the wedding dress, every woman certainly has in mind the model of her dreams. Starting from this dream, you need to find a match with your own physicality, which satisfies personal tastes while enhancing the figure. Not all clothes, in fact, are suitable for all builds. 

Fitted wedding dresses would wrap too much belly and hips, but if you are just slightly curvy and dream of a sensual look (and feel comfortable), you can opt for a mermaid or half mermaid dress. In fact, these are clothes that lose importance if worn by too thin bodies.

Another “dangerous” dress is the classic princess style. Fluffy skirts, articulated on different levels, with flounces and ruffles, would increase the volume of the figure, creating the much feared meringue effect.

How to enhance the curvy bride

The allies for the curvy wedding dress are soft and simple lines . There are many dresses that make simplicity their own special effect, extremely elegant. The clothes we are talking about? The wedding dressesempire style : the cut immediately below the bust (especially if accentuated by a band), combined with a wide skirt that goes up top, greatly slims the figure, making it appear slender. Long dresses, without excesses of lace, lace and decorations, with their sobriety are the wedding dress suitable for curvy bodies, as well as the broken dresses, composed of bustier plus skirt.

The upper part of the silhouette can be enhanced or re-proportioned, moving the focus where you want it most. If you want to enhance the breasts, thus leaving the curves on the hips in the background, you can choose a dress with a sweetheart bodice. If, on the other hand, the breasts are abundant and you don't want them to be too protagonist (especially in the case of a religious wedding), you can keep your shoulders covered, perhaps choosing a wedding dress with tattoo effect lace and V-neck.

"Alternative" curvy wedding dresses

Don't you like skirts, or just want to wear something unconventional? Opt for a wedding suit : it is a look that combines jacket, top and pants and that can enhance curvy bodies. If you are young and looking for a jaunty style, you can also consider a short wedding dress , perfect especially if you have an "apple" body, which concentrates the curves in the upper part of the body.

And the color?

Whether you are a traditionalist or love originality, you need to avoid shades like ice white and shiny fabrics, which could highlight parts you don't want to care about. As an alternative to white, you can choose opaque and delicate shades, such as ivory, cream, beige or powder pink. Very feminine colors, which can make even a simple dress special.

Shoes and accessories

If you want help to slim the figure, heels are the winning choice. Remember, however, that you will have to keep them on your feet for a long time: avoid wedding shoes with excessively high heels and resort, if possible, to the bridal plateau. Another trick is to avoid wedding shoes with ankle strap, as the horizontal movement of the strap creates a visual effect that lowers the height.

Do you think there is no bride without a veil? If you have an abundant physique, a curvy bride veil that reaches the maximum to the waist is recommended. Excessive length in fact risks weighing down the figure. Likewise, boleros should also be avoided. A help to reshape the body on the big day can come from bridal lingerie : bustiers and containment girdles will help you reshape your curves, with benefits also on posture.

Makeup and hairstyle

Do you think that makeup and hairstyle are superfluous when choosing a dress for a curvy bride? Nothing more wrong! A bridal makeup with lights and shadows in the right places can re-proportion the face, making it appear thinner and shifting the focus to your strong points, for example by emphasizing the eyes. Similarly, a collected or semi-gathered hairstyle for brides , which creates volume (without excess) on the top of the head, can help to slim the figure and make the face appear slimmer.

Lace wedding dress: the trend of the 2022 collections

Who among us has never dreamed of getting married wearing a wonderful lace wedding dress?

 The lace wedding dress is part of the collective imagination of us women: whether it is in a princely style, or in the shape of a "mermaid", with a long train or enriched with layers of tulle, it doesn't matter. Lace conquers all future brides!

 Like a timeless classic, lace will also be the protagonist of the new year's collections . At times it will present itself with original and unusual applications, at other times it will present itself in its best-known versions, in great style.

So let's see 4 different modelsof lace wedding dress from which you can take inspiration if your wedding is planned for 2022 :

  1. Mermaid lace wedding dress
  2. Long sleeve
  3. With bare back
  4. Princely

Lace pose dress: mermaid style

The first version of the lace dress that we want to offer you is one of the most popular: it is the mermaid dress. The reasons why it is so appreciated are quite evident: its enveloping shape is capable of enhancing all the curves of a woman, even the less pronounced ones; on the other hand, if you are curvy, a mermaid dress will enhance your strengths!

When combined with a lace fabric, the mermaid dress immediately becomes a concentrate of femininity 

The model signed Pronovias - Barcelonaavailable at Clara Couture perfectly summarizes all the salient features of a wedding dress worthy of the name: the lace extends with elegance and naturalness along the entire surface of the dress, focusing in particular on the décolleté area , which is extraordinarily enhanced. The mermaid shape emphasizes the silhouette and gives an undisputed elegance .

 Long sleeve dress

The second version we are talking about is the long sleeve lace wedding dress. Have you planned to get married in the spring or fall ? Then the long sleeve could be a winning ally during the whole ceremony and celebrations!

The model by Clara Couture perfectly represents how long sleeves are not necessarily synonymous with rigor: the entire dress is covered with lace, and the boat neckline reveals the neck, shoulders and collarbones, giving irresistible charm and finesse to the bride.

The sleeves, on the other hand, can easily appear in their three-quarter variant , giving the feeling of ample ease and breath.

Dress with open back

For brides who want to focus everything on femininity and the exaltation of their innate sensuality , a lace wedding dress with an open back is certainly the best choice.

You can opt for a real nude or a simulated nude , as in the splendid lace dress from the Lorettaitalia line 

The back is barely veiled by a thin layer of light and transparent fabric, of which only the central decoration is visible. Made of small diamonds, this embroidery emphasizes the line of the spine, and guides the eye from the base of the neck to the limit of the back. Very fine lace side strapsframe the picture.

Princely wedding dress

And we come to the latest model of lace wedding dress: the princely one. Romantic, fairytale, almost fairy : the princely dress really makes us feel sovereign anxiously awaiting their prince charming!

But the 2022 collections do not let themselves be held back by the call to tradition: the Tarikediz model , for example, does not want to give up sensuality . And she does it by combining layers of tulle and chiffon with lace sections , mostly concentrated in the bodice area. But that's not all: a large central slit rips open the thousand veils of the skirt, revealing… but not too much.

Wedding dress for civil weddings: refinement and romanticism, like the religious rite

If until a few years ago civil marriages were reserved for second weddings, and celebrated only in unromantic places, today civil marriage is increasingly widespread and is considered on a par with the religious rite. Even the civil wedding bride has the right to choose a dress that makes her feel beautiful on an important day like her wedding.

Style first of all

Even in a civil wedding, the wedding dress must match the location, and any wedding theme. If you have chosen a historic location , a villa or a castle , why not choose a romantic wedding dress? If, on the other hand, you opt for a more formal location, such as the Town Hall, you can wear a minimal and modern dress. And if, on the other hand, the wedding is celebrated in a park, on a beach or in the open air , the imagination is free. What matters is your style: do not let yourself be influenced by common opinion. If your dream is a classic wedding dress, take some precautions for your civil wedding, but choose the wedding dress of your dreams : the wedding is an important day, to be lived without regrets.

The advantages of

a civil wedding A civil wedding, not being bound to the church, will allow you a wide choice as regards the location, but also for your civil wedding outfit. You can therefore wear a country, shabby chic, or even sensual wedding dress, without looking out of place. Do you want a wedding dress with a slit, or with plunging necklines? Within the limits of the decor, your wedding dress for a civil wedding can also be over the top.

Short wedding dress?

The civil wedding, more modern and less formal than the religious one, is the perfect opportunity to wear a short wedding dress . Simplicity and refined details will be the key for a bridal sheath dress , but also for a doll-style dress, with a short flared skirt. Overlapping of different fabrics, which create volume and movement, can make a short wedding dress original and special, especially if a young bride is wearing it.

Suit: minimalism or eccentricity?

The wedding suit is especially suitable for formal ceremonies that take place in the Town Hall. Whether it's a suit with a skirt or trousers, it can lend itself to eccentric touches. A few examples? Floral applications, color contrasts and noteworthy accessories can create a sophisticated and extremely elegant look.

Romantic civil wedding

If your dream is a romantic wedding, feel free to wear the dress that makes you feel most comfortable. The trend is to create romanticism with soft and slippery fabrics , thus excluding the classic structured “meringues” and excessive aftermath. Silk, light tulle and sober lace are the ingredients that cannot be missing in a modern and romantic wedding dress , perfect for rites celebrated in castles, historic homes, and even outdoors. There are many designers who include romantic dresses for civil weddings in their bridal collections. Rosa Clarà, Graziana Valentini, but also Nicole Spose and Pronovias, offer fresh and romantic dresses, which combine a fitted bodice decorated in delicate lace, with a light and ethereal skirt, which creates movement thanks to the ripples created by the soft fabric.

 If, on the other hand, you want to be daring ... Do you want to be a sensual bride

for your big day ? Civil marriage gives you the opportunity to wear more daring clothes, without forgetting good taste and elegance. Mermaid or semi - mermaid wedding dresses , in an essential or decorated style, are a great choice for the civil wedding bride. Other elements that can make a civil wedding dress extravagant are slits and necklines. In fact, there are many modern wedding dresses that gain particularity thanks to important necklines inserted on the front or on the back, leaving the skin bare or covered with a tattoo effect lace, so much in vogue in the 2022 bridal collections

Accessories for civil weddings

Everyone tells you that the veil is not suitable for a civil wedding? If your dream is to wear a wedding veil, do it! Before choosing your veil, consider the wedding location, and get advice on the most suitable model of veil. Generally it is better to avoid excessively long veils, such as the cathedral veil, which is in fact suitable, as the name suggests, only for "important" weddings celebrated really big. For a modern bridal look, you could for example choose a short and cheeky veil , perfect for young brides or for short and minimal dresses. Some alternatives are veils , bridal headdresses, or veils of limited size and volume. You can also have fun playing with other accessories: stoles, boleroos and capes are a great style choice, perfect for the civil wedding bride.